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Tommy Shek- Are You in Your 30s? Here Are Some Investment Ideas

Tommy Shek

If you’re approaching or in your 30s, your finances are likely more sound than during your 20s explains Tommy Shek. Many significant life events happen at this stage, like getting married, having children, and buying a new house that requires substantial savings. Since many people in their 30s also start thinking seriously about retirement, it’s often the time to ramp up your contribution percentage to ensure you won’t run out of funds to use when you reach old age. Here are some investment-related suggestions for your 30s to make the most of your well-paying years.


It is excellent news if you don’t owe anyone anything in financial terms. If you do, it should be your top priority to get rid of your debt because you lose a lot of money from the interest paid on your loan. Even if the rate is low, try to avoid saving money on this loan because you can put it into other investments throughout the time that could potentially grow into a more significant sum in the future. Tommy Shek says that everyone wants to figure out investments that can make them rich over time, but without a plan for how to sort out your financial problems first and foremost, you cannot succeed with moving forward with reaching your goals. So look into your debt status.

Retirement savings

People have started saving for retirement in their 20s because they are now spending less on other expenses. According to leading American investment firms, 36% of millennials and 49% of GenXers save for retirement. If you also want to secure funds for retirement, startsaving 10-15% of your earnings through any means possible, like your 401K account or IRAs etc. It is important to note that you should track your money closely never to overspend it in the future.

Long-term stocks investment

Although the average annual return for stock investors is around 9-10% over the long run, that return will be considerably less, and some years the return may even be negative. Because of this, it’s important not to get discourage by short periods of market losses – like 2003 (which was an abnormally bad year) or 2008 (which was one of the worst years on record). In your 30s, you have an excellent opportunity to make up for any market losses earlier in your life.

Over time, though, they tend to even out, as you can see by looking at these two spreads above. The point behind all this is that while stocks may seem risky, they also offer you a chance to make up lost ground when investing in your 30s. So make sure you are comfortable with risk and then build an investment portfolio through ETFs and mutual funds. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a great investment vehicle that allows an investor to own a basket of low-priced stocks, bonds or commodities with a single trade. Much like exchange-traded funds, mutual funds let investors own various stocks, bonds or other securities with a single transaction.

Like these, there are multiple opportunities for millennials in their 30s to invest and grow their wealth says Tommy Shek.

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