Tokenizing Individual Pages, A New BitColors Inspired NFT Comic Becomes a Trendsetter

Journey of Stardust is a new digital comic that centers around a young wizard by the name of Stardust who explores his world. The comic has been created as a digital art, with each page being made available online as an NFT. The whole work comprises a hundred pages and the first 10 pages are being made available on with two already given out.

Comics and NFTs

From being printed as weekly or monthly editions in newspapers to embracing the digital realm, comics have come a long way and their popularity has only risen. The comics industry is expected to hit $4.6 billion by 2026.

A lot of that has to do with the digitization of the traditional paper-based strips and novellas that span from comedy to serious and graphic pieces. With digital formats, it has become easier to get hands on the latest editions, read them on the go and even share them with friends. On top of that, the appeal of comics has recently risen to a new level, thanks to NFTs. The Non Fungible Tokens are a type of crypto token that is unique and therefore, each one can represent a different and rare item. The popularity of NFTs not only as a digital item but an immutable proof of ownership has led reputed Collins Dictionary to even pick the word NFT as the buzzword of 2021.

Rada Sleam, the artist behind Journey of Stardust, has merged comics with NFTs and is offering each page separately as an NFT, made available on OpenSea. The decision to put the NFT comic on the largest NFT marketplace is aimed to make it accessible to the largest audience possible. OpenSea had more than $10 billion in trade value in November.

The Comic, The Story

As a young wizard who is figuring out the magical world he lives in, Stardust, the name in the comic’s title and the protagonist, stumbles across a conflict between his magical world and the rest of humanity. The comic runs through how a single wizard attempts to bring about peace between the two.

During his adventure, Stardust comes to know of a conspiracy, a dark and shadowy force behind the war between his world and the other, bent on dominating and destroying humanity.

The comic not only explores a rich storyline that appeals to the masses, but uses colors in its art that come from the BitColors collection. Each color within the collection is uniquely crafted and encoded as an NFT by BitColors. This gives Journey of Stardust another layer of not only NFT practicality, but at the same time promotes digital art right down to its basic materials: the colors that combine in different shapes to make the comic itself.

The use of NFTs in digital art and comics may not be new, but Journey of Stardust takes it up a notch by having each page made available as an NFT. Having 100 NFTs means that there can be as many owners who can share the comics.

As a digital comic, anyone can go online and download a copy and enjoy the story, but the use of NFTs makes it special for fans of comics as they can have the sense of enjoyment of owning a piece of art in a completely new manner. With separate pages as NFTs, the Journey of Stardust sets a new trend in the comics industry and can bring about a change that might see the industry embracing NFTs and cryptos more and more.

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