Today’s booming NFT demand calls for more insights to pick your ideal token

Have you recently wondered how far the renewed NFT craze will go, how easy investing in one really is, or what finding the right fit for you implies? If so, you’re not an isolated case. Data from Statista shows that the global NFT market is estimated to expand by 9.17% in the upcoming years and lead to a market volume worth US$2,378MN by the end of 2024, while a whopping $3,369MN is projected by 2028.

What you’re witnessing now in the already-frenzied Bitcoin NFT ecosystem are rising levels of interest, leading the market with outstanding sales that exceed those registered by tokens built across Polygon, Solana, and even bigwig Ethereum. Several days after NodeMonkes shot to the moon with a market cap reaching $550MN and a whole valuation of over $31MN for the assets that were once sold for a few cents, investors from all walks of life are resolutely interested in sorting through the sea of artworks and designated marketplaces, and investing.

Reasonably, the first and main thing to grasp when faced with the thought of getting invested in NFTs to profit from the heightened involvement is how to find the most suitable choice for you, how little you can invest as a rookie, and other factors. Let’s discover more!

All eyes on Bitcoin—and a few others

Ethereum is hands down undestroyable in the NFT space for the boundless projects associated with the blockchain, like those enumerated above and Axie Infinity, Matr1x Fire, Moonbirds, and more resounding nominations. Props to the solid user base, great tech for new projects, and smart contract capabilities, for these capacities, have taken it a long way in the Web3 space. Yet, Bitcoin has been working through the ranks to become a fierce competitor with NFT-like assets named ordinals, which can be purchased, traded, sold, and held just like any other blockchain-based cryptographic token.

Bitcoin ordinals, often mentioned as Bitcoin NFTs, are basically small BTC units named satoshis holding rare data pieces like images, text, video, and other digital assets or information. Through the attachment of such data on individual satoshis in the form of unique identifiers, the ordinals become traceable, transferrable, and in possession of individual meaning, all of this thanks to the hard work of the devoted developer community behind Bitcoin.

BTC NFTs have lately witnessed rising investments, with a significant popularity spike and heightened traction tracing back to the debut of the Ordinals protocol at the beginning of last year, empowering the minting of NFTs straight into the underlying blockchain. Now, aspiring investors can effortlessly browse through the neatly organized variety of Magic Eden Ordinals to either learn more about the popular assets across Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains, track price fluctuations, or send NFT orders.

A wide variety of types of NFTs to own

NFT ownership rates have hiked for quite the same motifs that inclination to gaining insights into the space has grown, namely the celebrity buzz created in time, heightened crypto participation and awareness, and rising numbers of digital artwork developers. Between 2021 and 2022 only, the number of people trading in NFTs has grown by 2%, helping more use cases build. While these popular virtual artsy pieces have broadly been pushed to fame through names like Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks, Solana’s Frogana, or Bitcoin’s CyberPunks and Ordinal Punks, these assets are split between a handful of categories, such as:

  • Video game assets
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Digital collectibles
  • Virtual real estate
  • Charitable causes
  • Domain names
  • Virtual apparel
  • Event tickets
  • Memes
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Video
  • Art.

A look at the most popular NFTs

Evidently, unearthing your most suitable option necessitates learning a thing or two about the most popular options for general NFT investors.

  • CryptoPunks, a famous NFT collection issued in 2017 by Larva Labs on the Ethereum network, has made a name for itself as one of the top-rated tokens purchasable worldwide. It amasses 10K unique digital blockchain-held items created as 24×24-pixel portraits evoking narratives from the cyberpunk scene. These often make the face of avatars and profile pictures, having produced some of the costliest of NFTs sold so far and boasting a floor price of over 40 ETH momentarily.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the top NFT collections nowadays, consists of 10K tokens represented as cartoon apes. You may often encounter them on Instagram and Twitter in the form of avatars. With a floor price close to 12 ETH, these tokens have been promoted by A-listers like Eminem or Justin Bieber.
  • Autoglyphs, another Larva Labs project that debuted in 2019, comprises 512 singular tokens built on Ethereum. Seen as generative-art schemes, these assets use an avant-garde algorithm capable of creating billions of alternatives inside an ERC-721 standard. The floor price inching to 225 ETH underlines their potential for rewards.

Determine your interest

Evidently, collecting non-fungible tokens doesn’t solely come down to profits but also involves a personal connection with the project. Find what genuinely interests you, be it collectibles, apparel, land, charity, or others. Then, let your hobby guide some of your investment decisions if you’re confident in the knowledge acquired by the specific category and its representative significance.


As with any other cryptographic asset, it’s essential to conduct your own thorough research before pouring large amounts of money into a token, especially if it’s your first such experience in the NFT space. Some assets may be improperly inflated through spoof celebrity promotion, whereas others’ hype could be a fleeting fad.

You’ll always be encouraged to do your due diligence in any eyed project before leaping.

Lastly, think of the asset’s utility

Some non-fungible tokens provide a utility that goes beyond their aesthetic appearance. These may offer invaluable access to virtual spaces, events, exclusive content, or more areas, making it essential to consider how your desired option suits the larger crypto ecosystem.

Concluding thoughts 

Inflating fascination with investments in non-fungible tokens underscores the importance of gaining extra, helpful insights in order to put your hands on your most fitting digital piece of artwork. Keep the elements above in mind before jumping on any seemingly promising token if you’re a rookie, and stay close to see where the market’s trajectories are heading from here on.

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