To Infinity……. or Beyond?

Moon Pad

Pulse Moon are about to launch Moon Pad for investors wanting to participate in the private funding rounds of high octane digital assets

Small-cap Pulse Moon project on the Binance Smart Chain, which began life in October, garnered some $10 million of investment within just a few days of its launch. The project offered daily rewards to its investors through “miner staking”, a form of high risk high reward investment which is rapidly gaining traction in the world of decentralized finance.

With staking now phased-out, the latest addition to the Pulse Moon ecosystem is the Moon Pad, launching this holiday season. This product, according to sources, has the capacity to send their investors’ portfolios “to the moon”, a slang term used in the world of crypto that means getting unbelievable returns on one’s investment.

According to Lead Developer, Laz, too many would-be investors have missed the “intergalactic travels” of SHIB [80 Million %] and DOGE [246,000%], and hence, says his team are committed to finding & developing projects in the coming months whose tokens can potentially replicate the massive returns of the successful meme coins.

Not much is known about the other upcoming projects, as the team are playing their cards very close to their chest, but sources revealed there is revolutionary blockchain social media platform currently under development, a huge play 2 earn game just around the corner, plus other projects including yield-farming, which are all geared up for a launch via Moon Pad in Q1.

Will Pulse Moon be the next project to go to Infinity………………….. or beyond?

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