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To discuss the application and commercial value of blue chip project PREMA in NFT field

The rise of non-homogeneous tokens (NFTS) has taken the world by storm. From digital art to virtual real estate, NFT has revolutionized the way we think about ownership and value in the digital world. The PREMA project is an innovative solution designed to address the usability, sustainability and scalability challenges facing the NFT platform. In this paper, we will explore the application and commercial value of the PREMA project in the field of NFT.

PREMA is a comprehensive NFT platform that offers a variety of tools and features designed to simplify the process of creating, buying, selling, and exchanging NFTS. The platform provides one-click connectivity to the PREMA X (NFT trading market), allowing users to access the platform without having to understand the blockchain. PREMA Wallet also provides users with a seamless connection to the platform, allowing them to use their existing wallet, such as Metamask, to access PREMA X.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing the NFT platform is usability. The blockchain technology that powers NFT is complex and difficult for the average user to understand. The PREMA project addresses this challenge by simplifying the process of buying and selling NFTS. Users can browse and trade all the NFTS deployed in their respective stores in the integrated NFT marketplace. The platform also provides users with detailed information about each project and news about project releases.

Another challenge facing the NFT platform is sustainability. The PREMA project addresses this challenge by creating a highly sustainable token ecosystem. PREMA tokens will be the value base that supports the PREMA platform. In the future, once the PREMA chain is developed, they will also serve as the original tokens of the blockchain. PREMA tokens can be used for ga

s payments within the PREMA chain and as a method of payment within the PREMA platform. They can also be used by service providers in the PREMA platform for SCM (supply chain management) and as incentives for service users.

The PREMA project also addresses scalability challenges. The total number of PREMA tokens ($PRMX) issued is limited to 100 billion, and the number of PREMA tokens in circulation will decrease as more users lock in the above benefits. The services available on the platform will expand in the future, and the usefulness of PREMA tokens will expand accordingly. A small number of tokens are destroyed per transaction. By reducing the overall supply of tokens to increase the value, the percentage of tokens destroyed per transaction decreases over time and the tightening mechanism incentivises users to benefit from holding PREMA tokens. The platform also plans to attract several proprietary projects to PREMA. And expect to use its financial strength to lock in a large amount of money for large-scale marketing activities. Thus, $PRMX will be purchased from the market, which is the most effective mechanism for maintaining and raising prices.

Beyond that, PREMA’s applications in the NFT space have been through its innovative solutions for digital collectibles, partnerships with major entertainment companies, and expansion into the gaming world.

Digital collectibles

One of the most important applications of the PREMA project in the NFT space is the creation of digital collectibles. NFT allows the creation of unique and non-replicable digital assets that can be used for a variety of purposes. PREMA has created digital collectibles that are particularly appealing to fans of Japanese entertainment, including music and anime. PREMA’s digital collectibles are supported in the form of NFT trading cards featuring images of popular Japanese artists and musicians. Each transaction card is unique, with its own serial number and blockchain verified authenticity. This makes them valuable to collectors interested in owning one-of-a-kind digital assets. Collectors can buy and sell these digital assets in a variety of markets, and some rare cards can fetch thousands of dollars. For example, FANY Yoshimoto Koreka, an NFT collector card featuring a Yoshimoto comedian, was first released by PREMA and has sold more than 2 million copies. PREMA’s digital collectibles have proved particularly popular among Japanese entertainment fans, with strong demand for these unique digital assets.

Partnerships with major entertainment companies

Another application of PREMA in the NFT space is with major entertainment companies. By partnering with these companies, PREMA is able to create unique NFT’s associated with popular franchises that further enhance the value of these digital assets. One of PREMA’s key partners is a partnership with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd, Japan’s largest entertainment production and artist agency. By working with Yoshimoto, PREMA has been able to create NFT’s associated with these popular franchises. In June 2021, for example, PREMA began selling J01 digital trading cards, which included members of the popular Japanese boy band J01. These trading cards are sold as sealed NFT QR codes on the CD cover (using patented QR technology) and are therefore very popular with fans of the band. In September 2021, PREMA announced the joint development of NFT commercial product system with Nihon Technology Solution to further expand the potential of NFT in the entertainment industry.

Extend to games

The further application of the PREMA project in the NFT space is to expand into the game world. The use of NFT in games has become increasingly popular in recent years, with gamers interested in owning unique in-game assets associated with popular franchises. PREMA has recognized the potential of NFT in gaming and has been working to develop new applications for this technology. In August 2022, PREMA founded Samurai Guild Games, a Japanese NFT games association, to support the development of NFT games in Japan. The organization helps members overcome obstacles and attract more players. The goal is to promote the use of NFT in games, get into “play to earn” games and attract more players. At the same time, the capacity building platform is operated to support the development of members. PREMA has also signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with CTIA and PolkaFantasy to jointly develop new NFT games and meta-universe business projects to facilitate the smooth operation of the business.

The application and commercial value of PREMA in the NFT space is enormous. The platform’s traceability system provides enhanced SCM and marketing capabilities. The PREMA traceability system can record not only Web3 activity, but also IRL activity, allowing service providers to monitor distribution status of intermediate and end users and interact directly with them. Service providers will be able to procure PREMA tokens from the market for efficient SCM and provide incentives to users based on their expected activities for more accurate and efforless marketing.

Another potential growth area is the use of NFT for ticketing and event management. The application of PREMA’s proprietary technologies AQR and NFC can be used to ensure the authenticity of tickets and prevent fraud, while also creating a new revenue stream for event organizers. This could be particularly useful in the music and entertainment industries, where NFT-based ticketing has gained some traction.

Overall, the application and commercial value of PREMA in the field of NFT is significant. The platform provides a secure and transparent marketplace for NFT applications and buying and selling, and offers a range of marketing and promotional services to help sellers reach a wider audience. With its focus on innovation and partnerships, PREMA is well positioned to continue to be a major player in the NFT market and help drive the growth and development of this exciting emerging industry.

What is PREMA?

PREMA is a Web3 platform focused on NFT trading and applications. The platform uses the PREMA wallet application and traceability system to link NFT and NFT usage scenarios such as meta-universe blockchain games In urls (UnReal Life, non-real world) and physical facilities and physical products in IRL (In Real Life, real world). And developed a Web3 network comprehensive market. This is a landmark achievement for the Web3 Web, just like the original AppStore, Google Play and Kindle Store.

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