TNC Group Holds Exclusive Meeting With Rogers Holdings for Blockchain Partnership Opportunities

TNC Group

TNC IT Solutions Group, a global company aimed at providing blockchain-based solutions to various industries, held an exclusive meeting with investment guru Jim Rogers. The private gathering was held on February 28 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Incheon in Seoul, South Korea.

TNC Group’s delegation was led by CSO Lee Geun-woo. During the meeting, the two parties discussed areas in which they could form potential partnerships. Lee laid out TNC Group’s vision of becoming the trailblazer in various sectors of the blockchain industry, while Rogers gave pointers on how to ensure the success of TNC Group’s endeavors.

Lee said:

“I cannot overemphasize the importance of this meeting with Chairman Jim Rogers of Rogers Holdings. This momentous discussion definitely produced insights and strategies about how we should go about helping the next generation of blockchain businesses.”

For his part, Rogers acknowledged the growth potential of businesses in the blockchain sector. He was invited by Lee to visit TNC Group’s Dubai headquarters, to which he replied:

“South Korea and the UAE are two places that have a special place in my heart. These countries are well known across the world for their warm embrace of modern technology alongside their ever-vibrant communities. I would be delighted to oblige to CSO Lee Geun-woo’s invitation to visit TNC Group’s Dubai bureau and witness first-hand how the company is reshaping the world with blockchain.”

Lee also introduced TNC Group’s projects to Rogers, which include StreamCoin, a blockchain-powered live streaming company where he also assumes the same role. In addition, he mentioned Real Research, a blockchain-based online survey application, and MeiTalk, a multi-streaming platform developed by StreamCoin.

They also talked about the difference between blockchain-based apps and platforms that continue using a centralized database, with Lee enumerating the advantages of the former over the latter. NFTs were also included in the discussion, with Rogers expressing interest in how this technology is revolutionizing various sectors including the streaming industry.

Lee underscored the importance of staying ahead of the curve amid the latest innovations that are happening across the globe. To this, Rogers nodded in agreement, saying that he is interested in providing guidance to TNC Group either as a partner or as an adviser.

“Integrating modern technologies like blockchain into practices such as surveys and video streaming is truly groundbreaking,” Rogers remarked. “This meeting was a perfect opportunity [for me] to discuss [with Geun-woo] what can be done to help blockchain businesses succeed, be it as a partner or an advisor. I am excited about TNC Group’s future offerings, and I look forward to exploring ways in which I can lend my support for the betterment of the industry altogether.”

Rogers also gave a few pointers to Lee, which include having a solid team of engineers, ensuring proper execution, and appropriating ample resources to provide a good working product. He added that ultimately, what will help TNC Group stand out from the rest is delivering solid results in line with its vision and expectations.

“This meeting has become an especially important one,” said Lee. “We cannot disclose the exact details of Rogers Holding’s investment; however, it seems like MeiTalk and Real Research will be the first two projects that Rogers will focus on as he showed great interest in the two.”

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