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Title: “Bekaboo: A Gripping Thriller that Pushes Boundaries – Colors TV Review”

Colors TV has a reputation for delivering captivating and diverse content to its viewers, and the web series “Bekaboo” is no exception. With its intriguing storyline, intense performances, and suspenseful twists, Bekaboo has gained significant attention since its premiere. In this review, we delve into the world of Bekaboo, exploring its strengths, standout elements, and why it has become a must-watch thriller on Colors TV.

Engrossing Plot and Narrative:

Bekaboo presents a unique and enthralling storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It revolves around the life of Kiyan Roy, a bestselling erotica author played by Rajeev Siddhartha. As the plot unfolds, Kiyan’s seemingly perfect life becomes entangled in a web of secrets, desires, and mysteries when he encounters Kashti, portrayed by Priya Banerjee. The series masterfully balances elements of suspense, romance, and psychological thrills, ensuring that every episode is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The narrative’s ability to maintain a high level of intrigue throughout the series is a testament to its well-crafted writing and execution.

Impressive Performances:

The cast of Bekaboo delivers powerful performances that bring their characters to life. Rajeev Siddhartha impresses as Kiyan Roy, portraying the character’s inner conflicts and complexities with great skill. Priya Banerjee shines as Kashti, exuding an enigmatic aura that keeps viewers guessing about her true intentions. The chemistry between the lead actors adds depth and intensity to the story, making their interactions highly captivating. The supporting cast, including Madhussneha Upadhyay, Jitendra Hirawat, and Sneha Upadhyay, also deserve praise for their convincing portrayals, contributing to the overall excellence of the performances in the series.

Bold and Provocative Themes:

Bekaboo stands out for its willingness to explore bold and provocative themes. It delves into the depths of human desires, obsession, and the consequences of succumbing to forbidden temptations. The series fearlessly addresses the complexities of relationships, the fragility of trust, and the darker aspects of human nature. By pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms, Bekaboo creates a thought-provoking viewing experience that is both thrilling and unsettling.

Visual Aesthetics and Production Value:

The production value of Bekaboo is commendable, with high-quality cinematography and stylish visuals that enhance the overall viewing experience. The series effectively creates an atmospheric and mysterious ambiance, drawing viewers into the world of the story. The attention to detail in the sets, costumes, and overall aesthetics adds an extra layer of authenticity to the narrative, making it visually appealing and immersive.


Bekaboo on Colors TV is a gripping thriller that takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, passion, and deceit. With its engaging plot, impressive performances, and willingness to tackle daring themes, the series stands out as a must-watch for fans of psychological dramas. Bekaboo pushes boundaries and explores the depths of human desires, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Its success in captivating audiences is a testament to Colors TV’s commitment to delivering engaging and thought-provoking content. If you’re looking for a thrilling and immersive experience, Bekaboo is definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

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