Titan Investment: The Future of Art Tokenization Through Blockchain Technology

The Future of Art Tokenization

Titan Investment Limited (TITAN), with Token Symbol “Ti22”, is a next generation platform based on the tokenization of investment grade fine Art. The business case is solely built on illiquidity in the upper end of the art market and its high barriers to entry. Titan’s parent company AlphaSeed Technology Ltd which is based in Dubai is taking on the creation of digital platforms in crowdfunding as well as the tokenization of physical assets such as art, real estate, and others.

Assets Of Titan Investment 

Iconic and collectible Art Asset prices are naturally on the high side and out of reach by the masses. Art with proven provenance offers the necessary credibility as their value can be assessed and verified. The art assets acquired by Titan Investments are of explicit credibility and value as both assets have verified provenance.

TITAN officially owns two world class artworks in addition to a pioneering digital art marketplace for carrying out all kinds of physical art sales, tokenization and NFT trades.

Asset 1: Vincent Van Gogh “Ginger Jar Filled with Chrysanthemums” 

This iconic painting needs no introduction nor the one who created it. Artist ‘Vincent Van Gogh’ is enough to depict the value of this masterpiece dated 1885-1886.. This epic piece of art has its recent valuation set at $25,000,000. 

Asset 2:  Sir Peter Paul Rubens “Diana Hunting with her Nymphs”

Done by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, the most influential artist of the Flemish Baroque tradition dating back to 1636-1637. Diana could be identified by her crescent shaped diadem and in the painting she’s seen hunting along with dogs and nymphs. The extremely horizontal composition is one of the peculiarities of this work.This epic piece of art was recently valued at $35,000,000. 

Asset 3: ARTEMOS Art Marketplace

Artemos is a next generation digital marketplace for selling, tokenizing, and monetizing art & collectible wealth & NFT globally. Artemos sets forth a wide range of art galleries as well as many artworks are sourced directly from the artists to the marketplace. The ecosystem is completely transparent and offers its community a completely flawless art buying experience. 

Ti22 Security Token

TITAN crushes the myth that investments upon high value art cannot be afforded by all. By establishing its very own token “Ti22 token”, Titan now makes it possible for anyone to invest into art as an asset class. The Ti22 is based on the ERC1400, an Ethereum.blockchain protocol.  Ti22 represents the ownership of the two blue-chip art assets as well The art sales and tokenization marketplace.

The total token supply is limited to 1,250,000 out of which 49% of the tokens are being offered  for sale. The first round witnessed the lowest price of $28 on 2nd April, 2021 and has been completely sold out. The second round started on May 2, 2021 where the prices for 1 token were $48 and was also completely sold out.The clear transparency and easy buying process as well as minimum management fees made Ti22 prevail among many other token offerings.

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