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Tips & Tricks to Increase Your SEO Recurring Revenue

While looking for laptops, we look for reputed brands. The reason is to get an efficient product with a longer life.

But is that our only concern? NO!

We look for a reputed brand to ensure smooth after-sales services. In case the laptop faces any technical issues, needs some update, or anything else, the concerned person should be a call away.

Similarly, if you are a digital agency, your client will expect SEO services after developing the website as well.

If you cannot offer that, you will face hurdles to generate leads.

That was the exact scenario with one of our Singapore-based partner marketing agencies.

The agency mainly offered website development services to SMEs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. They had expertise in website designing & development, but lacked in SEO.

Let’s now discuss how RankWatch helped them offer full-fledged SEO services which further increased their revenue. 

Key Challenges for RankWatch

After taking the responsibility of making the agency expert in SEO services, we faced the following key challenges.

Lack of Expertise

The agency was primarily into website development, so they hardly had any SEO expertise. They also had a low budget assigned for SEO. 

 Lack of Tools

They had no paid tools for proper monitoring and delivering quality SEO services to their clients. The absence of a reliable paid SEO tool did not allow them to make impactful recommendations backed by data needed to make SEO closures.

Key Objectives

After analyzing the key challenges, these were our objectives, 

  • Generate & increase quality SEO leads from agency’s website & outbound.
  • Sort and scale the agency’s internal process and methods for SEO service fulfillment.
  • Build additional services to complement SEO offerings.

Step Methodology by RankWatch

RankWatch planned the following step-by-step methodology to achieve the above objectives.

Step 1: Traffic Generation

RankWatch ensured generating traffic by following these 4 methods:

Generating Lead Magnets

This is how we helped them perform all necessary analyses to generate quality leads:

  • Site Auditor helped in executing complete site audits without any hassle.
  • The agency conducted in-depth location-wise keyword research through RankWatch.
  •  SEO IQ helped them check clients’ on-page SEO status.

Creating Pillar Pages

SEO IQ provided content improvement ideas, recommendations, etc. for creating  SEO-optimized content for pillar pages.

Generating Weekly Leads

RankWatch Agency Directory ensured generating quality leads every week, which helped increase revenue.

Outbound Marketing

We trained their team on how to find potential clients, and provided optimized templates on how to reach clients via email, social media, and calls.

Step 2: Lead Nurturing

We helped the agency on lead nurturing through these methods:

Generating Audit Reports and Email Content

SEO Analyzer generated in-depth SEO audit reports.

Our team helped design engaging email content to convince prospects for explanatory calls.

SEO Design and Call Planning

We trained them in designing effective SEO strategies, call planning, and provided resources for the same.

Enhancing SEO Credibility

We made the agency a part of our interviews and webinars, and published them to showcase their industry expertise and enhance SEO credibility.

Step 3: SEO Fulfillment

We helped them achieve more effective outcomes covering each aspect of SEO.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracker helped conduct thorough research on targeted keywords. 

Keywords Research

Keyword Researcher made finding relatable keywords a cakewalk for them.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis helped determine the agency’s position in the market, and gave insights on competitors’ marketing strategies.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink Checker helped the agency analyze competitors’ backlinks, and provided them metrics related to competitors’ link profile.

White Label Reporting

White Label Reporting helped them generate accurate SEO reports with ultimate professional touch carrying the agency’s brand logo.

Step 4: Customer Retention

The agency previously had a meager customer retention rate due to a lack of budget for SEO and expertise. This is how we helped them.

Tailormade SEO Process

Our experts helped them design SOPs for complete SEO process, ensuring more productivity, customer satisfaction and retention.

Monthly SEO Training

We organized monthly training webinars discussing new strategies and recent developments in the SEO world.

Step 5: Upsell

Now, the next step to concentrate on was upselling.

Online Reputation Management

Submitting professional SEO audits, project progress reports using our tool’s 100% whitelabel interface helped in creating a proper brand image.

Being a part of our online interviews and webinars also increased their social presence.

Market and Competitive Research

Competitor analysis helped them identify actual competitors, and determine their position.

Backlink checker also helped identify sources from where their competitors gained backlinks, so that they can target those sources and get quality links.

Results Achieved

Our guidance, consultancy, training, and coaching helped the agency achieve following key successes.

Stable Recurring Revenue

Drifting from one-time sales after web design and development to offering fully-fledged SEO and related services helped the agency generate stable recurring revenue. 

Increased Profitability

In the second quarter of 2020, they only had 3 SEO leads weekly and handled 12 SEO recurring projects monthly with the help of 2 account managers.

By the third quarter of 2021, they had 10 SEO leads weekly and handled 170 SEO recurring projects monthly with the help of 4 account managers.

They were making 36% profit on average per project.

Increased Customer Retention and Budget

The agency was earning average monthly recurring revenue of $800 per client. They also achieved a 95% client retention rate annually.

More Sales and Monthly Recurring

On average, the agency generated $40K in fresh new sales every month, and added $28k-30K new recurring revenue on an average per month.

Partnership and Team Growth

The agency achieved milestones like becoming a Google Premium Partner and Hubspot Gold Partner. Their team size also expanded from 7 to 23.


With building expertise in local SEO, the agency was able to build the most stable recurring revenue model keeping their old expertise in Website development; SEO gave them more scope to expand their offerings and deliver more value to their clients without being heavy on their pocket.

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