Tips To Use iPhone To Improve Business Growth

That the iPhone is a device beyond useful, you’ve certainly noticed. But know that you can use it to greatly increase your productivity and improve your business.

Like? Let’s list some tips to help you find out.

1.  A good professional needs good photos, whether of himself for social networking, resumes, presentations and other materials, or of products, environments, etc. To make even better use of your iPhone camera, turn on HDR mode, which will automatically improve the quality of images taken with the device.

This is because this mode, which can be activated directly from the camera app, will cause the iPhone to take two simultaneous photos at a time and deliver the best possible result of each.

2. Faster page-turning. Need to check a document, but don’t have time to scroll the page to the end and then to the beginning again manually? Save time by clicking on the top right corner of the screen, next to the battery icon. Okay, in a moment the page will be back to the beginning.

3. If you’ve done something with the iPhone and want to undo it quickly, do the following: go to>Settings> select>Accessibility> and click on ‘Shake to undo’.

Ready. With this, every time you want to undo a written text or any action performed on the iPhone, just shake it.

4. See all activities performed on iPhone in a single environment? That’s why there’s the Notification Center, where you can check everything you’ve done, received, sent, downloaded and other actions? a very useful panel for those who use their iPhone for business and don’t have time to waste checking if something has been done or not.

5. If your work requires viewing a website in desktop mode (the mobile version often doesn’t include the same features), you can view it on the iPhone. To do this, go to the share icon and click on>Computer version>of the required page. Once this is done, it will appear as it is on a computer screen.

6. Use app-free QR code scanning. The iPhone does this directly from iOS 11, simply opening the camera and pointing it at the code to be read.

7. Create PDFs. This is possible for text documents, web pages and other materials. just click on the share button of the doc or page and choose the option>Create PDF> Oh, and you can annotate the PDF itself if you need to.

8. What if the need is to scan documents? No problem. Go to the native app>Notes> and scan just by pointing the camera at the material and taking the picture.

9. Productivity is also linked to many applications, which can be very useful in every demand. If you need more space on your iPhone to do this, you can remove unused native apps. To do so, go to> Adjustments>General>Restrictions>Then choose unwanted apps on the panel and disable them.

10. Speaking of apps, here are some that can greatly improve the work of any professional. 

Let’s cite 5 that are fundamental for productivity:

Mailbox. Allows you to view your Gmail messages and has features to archive, delete and defer reading. You stay up to date anywhere, anytime, and your box never overloads.

Are you travelling for work? Use Yahoo! Weather, which brings weather information with photos of the location, as well as details such as maps, sunrise and sunset times, expected rainfall volume, among others.

If the work involves conversions, the option is Converter Plus, which makes equivalents of currencies and measures in hundreds of different units, in addition to having an interest calculator.

If you need to talk to someone anywhere in the world and don’t want to spend, Viber is the solution. The application allows you to talk to people from a distance, send messages, photos and also short videos. As long as the user on the other side also uses the app, all communication will be free.

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