4 Tips To Select A Perfect Penetration Testing Partner

Penetration testing must be conducted on a daily basis to guarantee that the pen tester is upgraded with present security products and policies. Pen tests can also be utilized like a check after making modifications and updates inside your network such as adding users and installing software etc. This highlights the significance of penetration testing companies

Other than this, the main reason behind finding good penetration testing companies is that they assist to spot susceptibilities before hackers can take advantage of them. You must rectify all the errors before it’s very late. You require pen testers who can spot susceptibilities prior to hackers and pen testing specialists that you are sure of working with on a regular basis to safeguard your network from hackers.

Pen testing should not be conducted only for auditing of the business framework; in fact, it should be conducted on a daily basis (annually, semi-annually, or quarterly). They can spot which susceptibilities were fixed and demonstrate if there is any latest activity viewed on your network.

Pentest must be executed with the same team; it cannot be swapped out every time it is completed. You have guaranteed uniformity in outcomes and assessment of susceptibilities.

Excellently performing penetration testing companies must do clear communication with you. These companies will also be flexible in scheduling to get fixed in your busy timetable.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of tips that must be incorporated while choosing a perfect penetration testing partner.

  1.   Certification

Every penetration tester in the industry must possess industry certification like:

  •         CISSP-Certified Information System Security Professional
  •         CEH -Certified Ethical Hacker
  •         EC Council- Certified Ethical Hacker
  •         CREST- Computer Resilience Evaluation Standard tool

Other than this, pen testers must have expertise in your particular business framework and industry.

  1.   Communication

Flawless communication with your pen tester during each step of the procedure must be done. This will guarantee zero hurdles in the long run. The pen tester must provide knowledge regarding every stage of penetration testing. They must provide an answer to every question in terms of the reason for something that is occurring rather than blindly moving forward without taking into account any consequences. 

  1.   Flexibility

All penetration tests must be modified as per your business and organization framework. It must not only be based on automated services or products that they provide. The penetration testing companies must be able to provide a test that is particularly modified in accordance with your requirements. This incorporates:

Providing various payment plans for their services

  •         Communication with customers during the pen testing process
  •         Pen testing cost
  •         Customers’ service
  •         Flexibility in scheduling

You must guarantee that they are willing to go above and beyond the expectations associated with you so there are no surprises in the long run. 

  1.   Reports

After executing a pen test, the company must offer a very well-written analysis in the report form. Pen testing reports are simple to read and comprehend. Pen testing reports play an imperative role in explaining the techniques they reached their conclusions. This will enable you to incorporate them into your business framework. 

In The End……

Penetration testing is one of the most powerful techniques to define the susceptibilities of your infrastructure. It is important to guarantee that penetration testing companies you select must have all the required qualifications and certifications. This will assist you to guarantee that they can do a detailed job on your place without any expected red flags garnering up. Afterward, they are going to perform very practical tasks with your computer system or network. You should let them know everything as per their requirement.


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