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Tips to Make Money Watching Videos

At this time there are many interesting innovations that are present for Android or cellphone slot gopay users. Technological innovation that is increasingly advanced is one of the important things in the world, including cellphones. There are many interesting things that come from technology and through it you can be given a sense of satisfaction from these advances. One of the best innovations of mobile phones is social media.

Social media is a place for you to access many things including publishing the photos and videos that you have. With social media you can find various things including interesting videos from the work of many people, including your friends and relatives. Obviously this is quite interesting for you so that you must make good use of technology. One interesting innovation that has recently become popular is making money just by watching videos.

Make Cash From Video Applications Following Easy Tips

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could make money just watching videos? Obviously this is quite tempting and attracts many people. You can earn money not only by working but by watching videos from special applications that do offer this. So that you can follow this well and get lucky then you need some easy tips. Find out our easy tips regarding this below. 

  • Download Guaranteed Applications

For the first tips, you must first download an application slot gopay that is guaranteed to give you money. Of course, there aren’t many applications that can give money for free just by watching videos. Not all applications have this offer so you have to be careful. 

Choose applications such as Tiktok or Snack Video because these two applications are guaranteed to give you cash results. You only need to download the two applications on the play store and enjoy the services of the application according to your goals, namely making money.

  • Use Unlimited Data

The second tip you have to use unlimited data or unlimited data because this application will suck up or drain your data quickly so you have to pay attention to this before downloading and operating the application so that you don’t lose big regarding cellular data.

Use unlimited WiFi or data with the smoothest or stable operator in your area. By doing these methods or tips, you will not have large cellular data capital. Just follow the Easy method and make money from this guaranteed video application.

  • Share Referral Codes

The third tip, you have to share the referral code or account code that you have in this application account. Yes, you only need to share the code with the aim of inviting other people such as your friends and relatives to download the video application so you can make a profit.

Every time the code you have is used by another account, you can get a large enough result in the form of a profit for you to exchange or withdraw as money. The more code other people use, the greater the results you can claim from these benefits.

  • Prepare an E-money Account

Finally, prepare an account for the e-money application. You can get results in the form of a balance from the e-money application only and not cash. Therefore, for those of you who have not prepared this, you must prepare e-money applications such as DANA and OVO as well as an account in the application.

Download the Dana and OVO applications on the play store for free then create an account with the application directions and create a password as a key in your e-money application account. Just follow these steps easily then you can withdraw funds from the video application to the e-money balance in your account.


Those are our tips regarding earning money just from watching videos. Immediately try the application Ligapools with ease and make a large amount of money from the application according to the results you get by watching videos on applications that keep your choice.

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