Tips to Keep Home Pest Free

Keep Home Pest Free

Your houses are susceptible to damage caused by rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and ants. As a result, it is advised to avoid pest issues at their root rather than acting once they have already invaded your property. Managing pests can be challenging for both the Pest Control service in Canberra and its inhabitants.

One of the best strategies to keep pests out of your house is prevention. Preventive measures can help you protect your family’s health and safety, the physical integrity of your home, your assets, and your biggest asset. Regular, preventative Pest Control Canberra treatment is a crucial part of prevention, but it is only one of the measures you can take to help keep pests out of your home.

Comprehensive Solutions for Pest Free House

Pest infestation in our houses becomes an issue as the temperature drops. However, after routinely cleaning your home, you would still see those annoying ants moving around and termites eagerly destroying your priceless wooden furniture. Following are some suggestions to assist you to maintain your house free of pests:


Deep Clean the House

Regularly vacuum your interiors, get rid of hanging cobwebs and bug droppings, and keep dirt to a minimum. One must keep the area beneath the bed, refrigerator, lofts, and other difficult-to-reach spots clean to prevent bugs from breeding there, as they like unclean, untidy, damp, and dark environments. Take the help of a Pest Control service in Canberra if you believe your home is overly dirty or if you notice that members of your household are frequently ill.

Clean Your Bins Regularly

Use a moist and dry bin separately to dispose of waste, and clean the trash can frequently. Since bins are typically located in damp, dark regions, they serve as a perfect breeding ground for insects and pests. Use a trash can with a lid to prevent the garbage from spilling over and being exposed to the weather. Additionally, be careful to clear the trash frequently to prevent bug buildup. After carefully cleaning it under running water, properly sanitize it.

Keep your Garden Tidy

Another favorite place for bugs to reside is in the garden. Unwanted insects that damage plants begin to accumulate in moist soil. By constantly trimming and keeping an eye on the landscape, you can control the plant heights and lawn. Pesticides and insecticides shouldn’t be used excessively because they seriously harm the ecosystem. Avoid overwatering the plants because this causes the soil to get excessively loosened, and the roots to begin to decay, and it may even make the property’s mosquito problem worse.

Seal cracks and holes in the houses

Any cracks or openings are ideal hiding places for pests. The most common places for moisture to enter the house and cause dampness and insect infestation are cracks in the walls or openings in the bathroom or beneath the sink. Many homes have improperly sealed gaps around the door and window frames or aged sealing through which pests can enter through these openings. Therefore, if you spot any gaps like these, close them up right away with a sealant or anything similar.

Watch Your Pets

Despite our best efforts to keep them clean and healthy, pets’ fur, collars, and paws can carry pests and insects that can enter the home. It is sometimes unreasonable to keep your pets inside, especially puppies; instead, establish a rigorous cleaning schedule in between trips outside. Disposable wipes are available from pet providers, which you can keep at the entrance doors for rapid and efficient cleaning of your pet’s accessories and fur.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

After meals, make it a habit to clean up the kitchen. Dirty Clean utensils shouldn’t be left in the sink overnight, and all kitchen supplies should be kept in sealed containers. Regularly check and clean the floor and sink drains since they collect a lot of filth and food debris that attracts insects and pests. Utilize a homemade drain cleaner composed of baking soda and vinegar to use a foaming response to clear obstructions from the drain.

Remove Stagnant Water

Pests like mosquitoes can develop in stagnant water. If you have a swimming pool, water tanks, or any other significant water storage areas on your property, clean them frequently. Make use of chlorine to clean swimming pools. Drain obstructions are ideal breeding grounds for pests, ensure that wastewater is flowing properly via the drains near your home. Make sure to dump any plant containers or buckets left outside in the open after it has rained.

Pest Control

Make an appointment for pest control service in Canberra at least once each year as a preventative measure. Insecticides and bait traps are other DIY pest control solutions. But the core of any preventative strategy is routine pest management. Having a regular exterminator provide pest control Canberra can provide you the assurance that you are getting rid of both the bugs you can see and the ones you cannot, whether you prefer the convenience of an on-demand plan or a treatment every season.


There are a variety of things you may do on your own, depending on the type of pest, to reduce any immediate harm and discourage them in the future. These can be minor tasks like cleaning the house, putting food away, and clearing debris. Pests provide a major risk to your health and property in addition to being a minor inconvenience. For instance, termites can seriously compromise the structural soundness of your property, whilst rodents carry infections. Because of this, it’s crucial to stop an infestation in its tracks before it grows out of control.

Before attempting pest eradication, you must understand the underlying causes of the infestation and the scope of its spread, therefore you should get it properly inspected first. If the problem is minimal, you may manage the pest infestation on your own; but, if the problem is severe, you should consider pest control service in Canberra.

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