Tips to hiring a community manager for your crypto project

community manager for your crypto project

When interviewing a community manager for your blockchain company, narrow your focus to four main areas: experience, availability, knowledge on cryptocurrency, and community manager’s conflict resolution skills.

Previous experience 

An applicant with previous experience managing a cryptocurrency community is more suitable for the role than one without any experience. This will ensure your channel can quickly and properly be managed without extra training or any learning curves which jeopardize the user experience for guests in your community. 

Cryptocurrency knowledge 

It’s always important that your community manager understands the basics of blockchain technology. This can be achieved through training with courses such as the Blockchain Program by the University of Nicosia. However, even those with no formal education can still understand the basics of blockchain technology to empower their time as community managers.


With cryptocurrency markets being mainly focused on a global community instead of a single country or region, community managers must be ready to work at all times of the day. Further, projects need to consider off hours for their users from the other side of the world, who may need assistance at 3 am local. Since a majority of community activity can happen outside of normal business hours, hiring a cryptocurrency community manager with wide availability may be the most important factor to your community management success. 

Conflict resolution skills

This particular aspect of a community manager will oftentimes become a make it or break it for projects. Too often, this plays out with a newly hired community manager providing a poor user experience to guests. Leaving the user with a bad experience is simply unacceptable. With so many choices in the world of cryptocurrency, providing the best-in-class user experience should be a priority for companies. Understanding a candidate’s ability to deal with conflict will therefore be one of the most important aspects of a candidate’s skill set.

Besides these obvious characteristics, projects should work to establish a strong framework for their community managers which empowers them to have the answers they need to best serve the community. Furthermore, projects can take this a step further with a few simple automation tools which automatically help greet new users, restrict bots from their channels, and help keep toxic links from being spread onto their network of users.

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