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Tips To Help You Be A Great Leader With A Remote Staff

What the Best Project Managers Do Differently

The world shifted to remote work during the pandemic due to social distancing restrictions. Companies that vowed to never allow employees to work from home had their hands forced. Some of these companies have returned to traditional office hours while others have adopted the hybrid model. The other portion of these companies has gone fully remote with all of the positions they can. Leading a team in the office is going to be far different than leading a remote team. There will be an adjustment period and you also might need to research leadership tactics for remote employees. The following are tips to help you be a great leader with remote staff. 

Get Leadership Training Of Some Sort 

Leadership development programs are available for leaders in various positions. You might have had no issue leading in a traditional environment but are struggling remotely. Building rapport with employees can be so important and will take a more proactive approach. You won’t just hear something in passing so team meetings with a bit of fun can make a difference. Meeting regularly with one another can also foster rapport between employees which can be invaluable when it comes to collaboration. 

Send Out Recap Notes For Meetings 

Recap notes for a client or in-house meeting will always be important. Recording training is also recommended so those that missed the training will be able to take part later. You cannot simply ask someone what happened to receive a thorough answer that doesn’t leave out at least one important detail. This is even a tactic that can be used in-house for reference if not all aspects of the meeting were clear. A detailed email can usually take place of a meeting in a remote setting which is something to keep in mind. 

Flexibility Makes A Difference

Managers can only be flexible if the company allows them to be with working hours. There are some that simply just want you to be online with the rest of the team for a few hours daily. Flexibility can make such a difference, especially for those who care for children during the day while they are working and are seeking quality day care. As long as deadlines are being hit and productivity stays high, staying flexible is something that employees will appreciate. Time tracking software is available to help hold employees accountable as some might take remote work as a way to stay distracted throughout the day. You can also see where the most productive employees are spending their time which is valuable information. 

Adjusting to the remote working environment as a manager or leader is so important. This might take a bit of time as motivation styles might have changed for employees in this setting. Those that used to want quite a bit of direction might not need the same management style. Communication is always going to be of paramount importance and this can be seamless. Project management software can make it quite easy to collaborate with one another in a seamless manner that everyone can view.

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