Tips to Finding the Best NFTs

NFTs have taken the world by storm. And with the introduction of the metaverse, who knows how far the NFT market will go. So investors are always on the lookout for NFT projects with great potential. 

Unfortunately, not all NFT projects can accumulate value over time. And many people are becoming tired of holding JPEG NFTs sitting in their wallets and not doing anything. So, it’s essential to look for NFTs with utility, like Meta Bounty Hunters (MBH), the world’s first liquidity-backed NFT, which offers great utility by generating passive income. 

But don’t just put your eggs in one basket. Below are some tips on finding the best NFTs with the potential to gain your wealth.


One of the best tools you can use in finding the best NFTs early on is Twitter. It’s the platform where the NFT community is most active, meaning you can find plenty of influencers and buyers worth following. 

One thing you can do is organize common topics frequently mentioned by users on Twitter, branch out, and see if top influencers and buyers are following these topics.


Like Twitter, Discord is another place where the NFT community is active. But you’ll have to filter out the noise. 

Almost every community, project, or influencer will have a discord server with different levels of engagement. If you can find a server where people openly discuss new projects, the chances of you finding those with potential will be high.

The best way to find NFT gems is to analyze data. And Nansen gives you that information in an accessible fashion.

Analyzing is hard, especially when it comes to NFTs. But with Nansen, you can see where the money is going by letting you know what the top buyers and influencers are buying and holding.

Nansen will also tell you when new wallets will mint and when you can buy new projects.


RyzeNFT may be an expensive tool, but it is one of the powerful ones you can use to find undervalued NFTs. 

It can watch a specific collection and look for anyone selling below the actual value, sending you an alert. So you can act quickly. 

OpenSea Activity

If you don’t have the budget for expensive tools, another strategy you can do is to use OpenSea tools and other free sites. Combine these with Twitter and Discord so you can monitor activities in OpenSea. 

You can manually watch OpenSea activities too and watch for high sales, recurring collections, and trends. But since these tools are free, they will not have the same perks as those that require your subscriptions. So you will spend more effort in finding NFT gems.


Almost every NFT project will have a roadmap, and these documents are available for the public to see. Roadmaps are where you’ll find upcoming events, important dates, and drops of a project. So it’s the best way to tell if an NFT project has potential or not. 

If you’re investing in an NFT project, roadmaps with solid long-term events should be your priority. Projects with plenty of short-term events are a big red flag. It is one of the tell-tale signs that the project is a rug pull. 

Roadmaps are on the websites of the NFT project or social media. And should be the first thing you need to seek out to know if a collection is worth your investment.


With so many NFT projects in the market, finding the best one would almost be impossible. But if you use the tips above, you should be able to narrow down your list in no time. So if you know anyone who wants to invest in NFTs, share this article with them to let them know how to find the best ones.

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