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Tips to deal with the Pest Control of Rats

Are rats getting into your house, garden, or office? Pest control of rats can seem like an overwhelming problem. But don’t worry – there are low-cost and even free solutions that you can use to get rid of these furry pests once and for all.

Rats can be a real nuisance in the home, garden, and workplace, but with a few simple steps, you can make sure that these furry pests are kept at bay. Knowing how to properly control rats is essential for keeping your property safe from infestation and damage.

The first step in controlling rats is to identify what type of rat you’re dealing with. There are two main types of rats – the Norway Rat (brown rat) and the Roof Rat. Knowing which type of rat you have will help determine the best method of pest control for your situation. The Norway rat tends to live closer to ground level while Roof Rats like to set up their homes in high places like attics or on top of cupboards and shelves.

Once you have identified which type of rat you are dealing with, it’s time to implement some pest control measures. The most effective way to do this is by trapping them or using baited traps baited with the food they find attractive such as peanut butter or dried fruit. It’s important to place the traps in areas where rat activity has been seen, such as along walls or close to burrows and nesting sites.

Alongside trapping, there is a range of other methods for rat pest control that can be used alongside each other for maximum effectiveness. Baiting involves leaving poisonous bait in areas where rats lurk and getting rid of any accumulated rubbish that may attract them in the first place; sealing off entry points around buildings; installing wire guards around pipes; spraying insecticides; and using ultrasonic sound machines which emit sounds higher than humans can hear but that cause discomfort to rodents so they stay away from areas where it is used.

Here are some general tips provided to us by Rat Removal specialists Toxic Respond, regarded by many as London’s best pest control company.

Prevention is Key

The most important step in pest control of rats is prevention. Take the time to inspect your property for any signs of rat activity, such as droppings or gnawing on wood or wires. Investigate potential sources of food or shelter they may be using and take steps to block them off; keep garbage cans tightly sealed, check doors and windows for gaps that could be used as entry points, maintain the landscaping around the perimeter of the property, etc. Taking these preventive steps will help ensure that your property is less attractive to rats.

Traps & Baits

If you already have a rat infestation, traps and baits are an effective solution. Rat snap traps should be placed directly in their paths so they can’t miss them; baits should also be placed near known areas of activity. Be sure to use heavy gloves when handling traps and bait so you don’t transfer any human scent onto them, otherwise, the rats may become skittish and avoid taking the bait or entering the trap. Bait stations can also be used if you need a more discreet setup.


In addition to trapping and exterminating active rodent populations, the exclusion is also an important part of successful pest control of rats. This involves inspecting your property from top to bottom looking for any small openings where rats may squeeze through (around vents, doorframes, windowsills, etc.). You can then block off these access points with steel wire mesh or caulk them shut for good measure – this will prevent any new rodents from coming in while eliminating existing ones over time.

Get Professional Help!

Finally, if all else fails professional help is always available if necessary. Many companies offer guaranteed pest control services with experienced technicians who know exactly how to handle tough infestations – including rodent extermination methods such as poison baiting or fumigation systems. Make sure you do your research before hiring anyone though; read reviews online, ask friends/family for recommendations, and make sure they are licensed by a reputable organization before committing to any service contracts.

One reputable company in London is Toxic Respond – They have an excellent reputation for dealing with rats as well as specializing in the removal of all other household pests such as mice, fleas, and cockroaches. 

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