Tips to Choose Free VPN for Chrome That 100% Works

Free VPN for Chrome

It is seamless to access a free VPN extension through Chrome Web Store nowadays but you can’t guarantee anything about how secure and fast it is. That is why it is essential to know which things an internet user must consider while choosing a free VPN for Chrome and probably, following tips are going to help you a lot in this regard.

Check Server Locations

It has been noticed that free VPN extensions only offer limited virtual locations. Usually, the number of virtual servers under free plan is from 3 to 5 countries. So, it is important to examine which free VPN for Chrome is providing more server locations. Also, are your desired server locations the part of this list.

Without Registration

Majority of internet users think it is a waste of time to create an account on a free VPN for Chrome here and they prefer picking a signup-free option. Therefore, you must adopt the VPN extensions that you can enable without any registration because it is just a waste of time.


Data is everything nowadays. Businesses and digital marketers have started giving much significance to online security. Users must check the data policy of VPN service providers under free plans to explore everything about their terms and conditions. It has definitely been noticed that free VPN for Chrome steals data of users and sells them later. 

Always choose a platform that promises or at least mentions in its privacy policy that it doesn’t use or sell users’ data. Also, it is good to go with a zero-log or no-log VPN extensions in this regard.

Free VPN for Chrome

Speed & Availability

Speed is one of the most crucial factors when you choose a VPN for your Chrome browsing. There is no doubt the browsing speed after enabling a VPN should be good. Yes, the majority of users see that browsing speed incredibly decreases when they enable a free VPN for Chrome. So, you should avoid such slow speed VPN extensions.

On the other hand, the availability of virtual servers of a VPN service matters a lot. You need to make sure that server availability of VPN should come with 99.99% uptime. If servers’ downtime will be high, you will face disconnection issues very often. 

Free VPN for Chrome


Bandwidth is another crucial factor here. Users must examine how much bandwidth a free VPN extension is offering. Especially, would this amount of bandwidth fulfill all of your needs or not. If we talk about the free providers, many of them surely limit the amount of bandwidth. However, there are still many service providers that come with the tag of unlimited bandwidth.

Price & Scalability

Although we are discussing a free VPN Chrome extension in this article but you should also check the premium plans of these service providers. Likewise, if your project expands in future and you switch from a free to paid plan, price and instances should be enough for your requirements.

We are not suggesting choosing a platform with a minimum price tag in that situation because it is not good to prefer price over quality. All in all, you should choose a reasonable pricing model with good features.

Credibility of Platform

Your VPN service should have a good reputation among users. You should see when this service was founded, how many reviews it has on Chrome and how many server locations it has under both free and paid plans. You should surf different social media and web pages of a VPN provider and closely analyze the customer reviews.

If you think customer reviews are satisfactory enough then you can start using that extension for Chrome. You can also ask a question on community forums about different VPNs to know the opinions and experiences of users about them.

In short, the utilization of VPN services has increased in the last few years. People don’t only use them to achieve business goals but their consumption for personal needs and unblocking a website is also growing day by day. Hopefully, these tips will help you in finding both paid and free VPN for Chrome with great ease.

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