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Tips To Add An Effective CTA To Your Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook advertisements are all about trying to convince your audience of something, maybe a free trial, downloading a PDF, visiting your landing page, or contacting you. But unless you take a clear call to action, people will not do what you want. A compelling call to action on your ads is crucial to increase your conversions and engagement. This is one of the most important points that any Facebook page optimization recommendations will cover. 

A CTA is a text prompt that encourages the audience to take a specific action and may direct your followers to leave a comment, buy a product or subscribe to your newsletter. Facebook CTAs can appear on organic posts and ads that will appear as text on an image, in the caption, or in the CTA button. Most Facebook page optimization recommendations will mention that the call-to-action can be as simple as a single word like ‘Subscribe,’ but it should be very effective. It should tell the reader what they will get by taking action. CTAs often include a sense of urgency, and the best ones are highly relevant to the specific audience that is being targeted.  

However, before you create a CTA, you need to know what you want your audience to do. Do you want them to create an account, enter a contest, visit a landing page, or like your photo? Remember that your desired action should fit within your overall social media marketing strategy. Hence, it would help to consider how your CTA will serve your social media goals. Here are some tips for creating a compelling call-to-action for your Facebook Lead Ads. 

Use Strong Action Words

Come up with short and strong CTAs, as they will be more persuasive and also necessary due to the character limits on the ads. You can start with a verb and follow an adverb, subject, or both. For instance, ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Download Here,’ or ‘Contact Now.’

Provoke Enthusiasm and Emotion

You can opt for a longer CTA if you want to evoke an emotional response in your audience, but remember that you will need to incorporate more modifiers to get the desired effect. You can add numbers, and adjectives, make a promise, play up with your USP, or influence their FOMO.

Think Up Your Own

Do not stick to the old examples; get creative to make up your own call-to-actions. Next, you must transform the verbs and modifiers into a 2-5 CTA. For this, you will need to first verbalize to yourself what your company does for its customers. Do not forget to add relevant information where necessary. 

Be Specific

A specific CTA is the best CTA. So instead of saying, “Sign up for your newsletter,” you can try, “Sign up for our weekly travel newsletter to get the latest flight deals.” You can also stick to one CTA per post or risk overwhelming your reader with too much information and losing them completely. 

Create A Sense Of Urgency

Nothing is more tempting than a limited-time offer. So make full use of FOMO and use words like ‘today,’ ‘now,’ or ‘limited’ in your CTA. This encourages people to take immediate action. 

Focus On The Benefits

Focus on the benefits that your customers will gain from your product or services. Tell them what they will gain by signing up for it. So use intriguing CTAs that will drive more readers to the destination. 

Offer Something Valuable

To add that extra factor to your campaign, you must go beyond the benefits and give your readers an unbeatable reason to take the desired action. One major motivator is free delivery, as most users are motivated to complete an online purchase if you offer free shipping. Another compelling option is offering discounts, especially when combined with the urgency of a limited-time offer. Make sure that your offer is valuable and not expensive. 

Stay True To Your Brand

Social media runs on consistency. So once you have established your online brand presence, stick with it. Your audience will immediately notice if you slip up. 

Keep Experimenting

Keep experimenting with your CTA by switching up the words, placement, colors, images, and even the font. This will help you determine what drives traffic best. A/B testing may help you to measure what works best. You can then tweak, polish and try again. Even a change in a simple word can make a whole lot of difference.

Include A Clever CTA

A dull CTA can lack excitement and urgency since CTA is a major contributor in convincing leads to provide their information and submit interest. Generic CTAs may not be able to encourage users to proceed. But if you add motivation to the message, it will urge more people to take action. If you are offering something for free, ensure that your CTA can immediately hint at the urgency and potential benefit that the leads will enjoy. 

Wrapping Up

Follow these simple steps to make your call-to-action effective and exciting so that your audience is compelled to click on them and there is an increase in your lead conversion.

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