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Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

Essay writing is not a friendly task for most students. It is quite an overwhelming task for many as an essay can be considered as a house with different parts. Putting these disparate parts together helps you see essay writing in a different light. Let’s look at these different parts and answer the question “how should I write my paper”?

1) Choose a Topic

There are tendencies that your lecturer would give you a topic to write on. There is also a possibility that you would be asked to get one yourself. Whichever the case, you have to decide what kind of essay you want to write. You might want to look at a subject holistically or accurately.

If you are free to choose a topic, it makes your work interesting. Look out for your area of interest because you will do better there. It would help if you considered how relevant the topic is to society. You also need to choose if your article is going to be informative or persuasive. 

Evaluate possible topics from the list you made based on the areas that interest you. You have fewer struggles working on subjects you are passionate about. It is particularly true when you want to write a persuasive essay.

2) Make an Outline

You would surely need a compass that will help you navigate through your essay. A good outline can help you achieve this aim. Through outlining your thoughts, you can see connections between your ideas and how they flow together. A good framework is a solid foundation for your essay. An outline also helps you organize your thoughts.

3) State Your Thesis

Your thesis statement shows where you are driving at. It reveals to your reader what your main idea is. Your thesis must not be all over the place. Ensuring it is precise shows that you know what you are doing. Your thesis statement states your topic and the reason for the essay.

4) Add an Awesome Body

This part of the essay explains your thoughts on the subject. Arguments are made, and your topic is well defended. The body sections of your article allow you to explain the ideas you outlined. 

It is essential to ensure there is consistency with the structure of the different submissions made. Your introduction should express the main idea and supporting ideas with little explanation. These ideas would be discussed as your essay progresses. 

5) Introduce Your Work

The introduction must be catchy as the reader might lose interest in reading a lousy introduction. The essay’s focus must be evident in this part. You can grab the attention of your reader with fantastic information, quote, or stories. Just ensure it expresses your thesis.

6) A Good Conclusion 

Your conclusion summarizes your whole idea. It further strengthens your stance. About five vivid sentences about your thesis should do.

Finally, it is wise to do an overall check on your essay. Ensure guidelines are obeyed and do a review on your paper. You can also look out for errors in grammar and spelling.

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