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Tips on How to Plan a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life


A memorial service is offered when the body is not present. Like the deceased is dead in some accident like a plane crash, car accident, or any type of accident. And this event could be held many days after the death of the person. This could be after a couple of days or after months. A memorial service helps relatives and family members to gather at a place to show gratitude and respect for the person or the pet. The price is much less than the traditional funeral and it is easy to arrange and manage.  

So, here are some tips to plan a Memorial Service.

Select the Style:

You have to choose the perfect style like you can ask for the setup of a picnic. And you can choose a formal style like a wedding. And the style depends on the range of people you want to invite to the event. The event could be in a park, or a small place. And while choosing the style you should consider the last wishes like what he/ she wanted from their children to come, and which are not allowed.

Choosing a Venue:

There are limitless things to choose from while selecting the venue, you can choose a family hall, park, funeral home, meeting space, beach, or park and the possibilities are endless. But you have to choose the venue that is to reach everyone and according to the number of people.  

Usually, this type of funeral takes place at a church or religious spot. Where the relatives and the community gather to remember the deceased. But if someone doesn’t have a religious background then the funeral home is the best option. And you have to pay a fee for the memorial service and the services of funeral home staff.

Who you want to invite:

If the deceased has any kind of relation with the clergy of his religion. Then you should appoint that for him to talk or give the speech. You can ask any relative or family member to do this in the memorial service. And many relatives will become ready very easily. Or talk about the person they like, and he doesn’t like at all. 

Confirm the date:

So, once you are done with deciding the perfect place for the memorial service, the number of people. And which people will come to the memorial service. Now, you have to confirm the date. And while confirming the date keep in mind the arrival of different states or different countries.


And this is the time to invite the guests. Or can use memorial service websites that offer services to connect and remember a person. Like Heaven portal, you can invite the relatives, family and friends of the deceased.

The Arrangements:

And now you should focus on the arrangement of the memorial service. Like the programs, speeches, the programs could be the speech on the character and the personality of the person. Or telling the brief life of the deceased person. Or telling all his good deeds. And you should manage the arrangements accordingly. For if there are some programs like telling the important events of the deceased life.  

You can manage his favorite music or tell the relatives to get the photographs and all the related things in the memorial service. And also, you can arrange the guest book. So, that everyone can write down their wishes and sign in the book. And you also have to add in the memorial service. And the arrangements for the participants are also very significant.

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