Tips on How to Hide an IP address on iPhone

Hide IP address

Privacy is essential to most people, whether on the Internet for business or pleasure. As the world slowly erodes the premise of remaining private, many want to learn how they can protect their confidentiality, especially while on a smartphone.

To conceal their identity, a person would have to go off-grid, which means giving up the conveniences of modern life, including the Internet. Thankfully, a person does not have to go to that extreme to shield their personal information. Hiding an IP address is an effective means of achieving privacy, and it does not take long.

How Does an IP Address Identify Users?

Before discovering how to hide ip address on iphone, it is vital to understand what an IP is and how it works. IP, or Internet Protocol, was first deployed in 1983. Internet Protocol is an individual address identifying a device connected to the Internet. Because of IP addresses, no one can remain truly anonymous.

An IP address discloses a person’s name, city, zip code, and area code. IP addresses also reveal a user’s Internet service provider. While an IP address does not reveal a person’s identity outright, with a few detective skills, anyone can piece together the details and discover who is associated with an address.

How Can Other People Discover an IP Address?

Every time someone clicks on a link, their IP address leaves behind a signature. It is like signing a guest book at a wedding. The couple knows who attended. A user’s IP address is revealed in the following areas and many more.

  • Social media platforms
  • Internet forums
  • Emails
  • Chatrooms
  • Blogs
  • Cookies

Because Internet users leave their digital footprints in many places, it is not as difficult as one might think to discover the identity of someone. While most use the information gleaned from an IP address for marketing purposes, cybercriminals utilize this information for nefarious reasons. To protect themselves, iPhone users must learn how to hide their IP addresses effectively. Users can hide an IP address in a couple of ways.

How to Hide an IP Address on iPhone

No one wants their personal information discovered by others. Taking the following steps will help individuals hide their IP addresses to conceal their identity with ease.

iPhone users can download and use a VPN, but these often require a fee. With a VPN, people can send and receive data without revealing their IP address.

Apple now allows iPhone users to prevent websites from tracking their Internet activity and block their IP addresses from view. Taking the following steps will help prevent the sharing of a user’s personal information as they browse the Internet through Safari. This method also works for iPad.

  • First, launch the Settings app on iPhone.
  • Scroll down and find and tap Safari.
  • Scroll down under the Privacy and Security section, and then tap Hide IP Address.
  • Users can select Websites and Trackers or Trackers Only, depending on their setting needs.

There is a fairly new feature on iPhone that allows users to automatically protect their IP address. The iCloud Private Relay feature, enabled on iOS 15 or higher, automatically blocks trackers and websites from learning a user’s IP address.

Protect Yourself Today

With more cyberattacks occurring daily, Internet users must take charge and protect their IP addresses. While the above steps will stop websites and trackers from gathering information, many iPhone users go a step further and download a VPN. When searching for a VPN, take care to research and ensure you are downloading a reputable application.

By hiding an IP address, you will not have to worry about websites and trackers trailing you on the Internet. With a few taps, you can hide your IP address from anyone.

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