Tips On Generating New Revenue Streams For Your Brand

Tap Into Web3

Today, Web3 is the biggest new thing, and every day more people are getting into it. If you run a business and you’re trying to attract interest from people who are also interested in Web3, you should consider releasing an NFT on your brand.


If you notice that a bulk of your customers require additional services that you can provide, or can learn to provide relatively quickly, you should investigate that. It will be easier for you to break into that market because you will already have customers to whom you can upsell those services.

Add Subscriptions

If you run a service that operates on-time payments, you may be interested in building one that focuses on subscriptions. Subscriptions are great ways to make a passive income, and they help reel customers into your world.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have recently gotten a lot of bad rep, but they remain a viable way to not only get more revenue but to get more customers. If you operate in a huge ecosystem, you can have agreements with other companies and pay them a percentage for referring customers to you.

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