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Tips for Women to Work Towards a Promotion

The first tip is don’t see asking for promotion as YOU being difficult or bitchy, especially if you are placing yourself for advancement. You need to see it as a chance of highlighting your accomplishments and positioning the company for future success.


It is common to hear some saying “I thought I would have gotten a promotion by now”. You are your best advocate, no one else can do it for you. A company can have even thousands of employees and they focus – on matters of promotion – on the people who have asked for the promotion to clinical educator.


If you have your expectations set at the beginning of the year, then great. This is a good time for revisiting the things that the supervisor asked you to accomplish. This is where you get the review of the success of what you did for the company. If there isn’t any established baseline, then this is the time to establish one.


There is someone else who is going to get the position you want or promotion. If you want that person to be you, then prepare. Research as much as possible about the position and then figure out why you are the right fit. You should treat it as a job interview and make sure you show how your skill set and track record make you a good fit for the position. Show the company that you are what they are looking for to fill the position.


If you are interested in getting ahead, you should have a plan and then work on it. Ambition in the workplace is not a bad thing, especially when you are backing it with a great work ethic and results.


You should become a cheerleader for others when they succeed by highlighting and praising them. When you become an advocate for others, they are going to be your advocates too. You don’t know who the manager is going to ask about your performance. Get people into your corner.


Avoid spending your work time conspiring for promotion or gossiping. You can work on the plan when you are home so you can focus on what you are paid to do when you get to work. You are a better employee when you are a positive team player delivering solutions. Don’t be the person who creates problems and complains.


Speaking up in meetings and contributing even when it’s different. You are there for a reason and you want people to see your value. You have to become your own PR firm at the workplace by sharing your perspectives and insights.


Amassing client feedback and recommendations. When the right time comes, you can share the feedback with your employer when you are interviewing for the promotion. It is hard for someone to challenge someone praising you in writing.


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