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Tips for Styling Gothic Wedding Rings, unisex promise rings

Tips for Styling Gothic Wedding Rings,

Unisex promise rings are traditionally used to symbolize the emotional connection between two people, typically in a romantic relationship. Originally, the rings were used to proclaim one’s undying love and commitment to their beloved. Today though, promise rings represent far more than just romantic love, being used to signify a bond between family members, friends and partners. Unisex promise rings, or ‘couples’ rings’ as they are sometimes referred to, are proving to be a popular choice for those seeking to make a statement to someone special in their lives. Gothic wedding rings are also becoming increasingly fashionable, with couples opting for something a little different, yet just as symbolic, when it comes to the big day.


This article aims to explore the symbolism and history of both unisex promise rings and Gothic wedding rings. It will look at the meaning of both rings in detail, including the different types available, how to choose a ring, how to care for the ring, and the benefits of choosing either option. To conclude, there will be a brief list of frequently asked questions concerning both ring styles.

Unisex Promise Rings

Unisex promise rings are growing in popularity as more couples wish to present a symbolic token of their connection without adhering to traditional gender conventions. Both male and female rings generally feature simplistic designs, making them well suited for those seeking something subtle yet meaningful. Let’s take a closer look at these rings.

Types and Solutions

  1. Traditional Promise Ring

The traditional promise ring is a simple one or two banded gold or silver ring with no stones, or simply inlaid with a single stone in the center, such as a black diamond or a sapphire. The ring can also feature bold designs inspired by ancient Celtic or Gaelic designs for added symbolism.

  1. Illusion Diamond Rings

The illusion diamond ring features a miniature diamond in a semi-transparent setting such as gold. This not only helps the diamond to sparkle, but also makes it appear larger. The effect of an illusion setting is particularly striking when surrounded by a bold, intricately designed border.

  1. Accent Promise Rings

Accent promise rings feature multiple stones which are designed to represent something relating to the couple who are gifting the ring. For example, a gemstone may be chosen to reflect a particular birth month, or additional tiny diamonds a birthstone.


  1. Symbolism: Promise rings are a popular choice for couples and friends who wish to make a symbolic statement about their connection or level of commitment.
  2. Comfort: Unisex promise rings are often comfortable to wear and perfect for everyday use.
  3. Variety: As well as the traditional design of promise rings, couples now have more choice in terms of different styles and colorways to choose from.

Gothic Wedding Rings

Gothic wedding rings are growing in popularity amongst couples looking to make a bold statement on their special day. The rings often feature ornate and intricate designs inspired by the architecture, art and fashion of the gothic period.

Types and Solutions

  1. Vintage-Style Ring

Vintage-style gothic rings typically feature elaborate and intricate details, such as swirls, heart motifs and dragon designs, which convey a timeless romanticism. The ring can be made from either silver or gold, depending on the couple’s preference.

  1. Black Diamond Ring

For those who prefer something a bit more outrageous, a black diamond ring may be a suitable choice. The alternative look is popular amongst those who wish to make their unique statement.

  1. Two-Tone Halloween Ring

The two-tone Halloween ring features a bold combination of black and silver, and can also be set with a combination of rubies and black diamonds. This statement piece is perfect for those looking to stand out in a crowd.


  1. Message: Gothic rings are a great choice for couples looking to make a strong statement about their relationship on their special day.
  2. Timeless: The intricate details on gothic rings make them timeless and they often look just as impressive many years later.
  3. Durability: Most gothic rings are made from a hard wearing material, such as titanium or stainless steel, making them long lasting and easy to maintain.

In Summary

Unisex promise rings and Gothic wedding rings offer an alternative way for couples to exchange tokens of commitment and make an everlasting statement about their relationship. Both rings offer unique symbolism and varied designs which can cater for a variety of specific tastes and preferences. Those looking for something with a traditional twist should consider a unisex promise ring, with its simplistic designs and traditional metals. Conversely, couples seeking something with an unusual twist should consider the intricate details of the Gothic wedding rings, with their bold combinations of colors and materials.


Q: How much is a unisex promise ring?

A: This can depend on the design, metal and materials you choose. However, most unisex promise rings cost between $50 and $300.

Q: Are gothic wedding rings expensive?

A: Again, this will depend on the design and materials. However, some gothic wedding rings may be more expensive than traditional rings due to their intricate details.

Q: Are gothic rings just for weddings?

A: Not necessarily. Gothic rings can also be used to symbolize commitment or friendship between two people without the need for marriage.

Q: How long will a unisex promise ring take to make?

A: Depending on the design, most jewelry makers will take between 1-4 weeks to complete your order.


Unisex promise rings and Gothic wedding rings offer a unique way for couples to make a statement about their relationship and make commitments to each other. As with any romantic gesture, it is important to ensure you choose a ring which accurately represents the bond you share. Both unisex promise rings and Gothic wedding rings come in a variety of styles and designs, making them suitable to suit any taste or preference. Ultimately, they are a perfect way to symbolize love, commitment and friendship.

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