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Tips for Selecting the Right Building Surveyor for Your Project

Neglecting a home survey when purchasing a property is a mistake that can devalue the investment. The survey results should provide a clear picture of the building’s state, indicate any concerns that require attention, and possibly prevent you from spending a lot of money in the long run. However, selecting the correct surveyor for the task and establishing a good relationship with them is crucial in determining whether you get good value for your money. Here are some tips for selecting the right building surveyor for your project: 

Identify The Kind Of Survey 

Various kinds of building surveys are available, such as condition reports, homebuyer reports, and building surveys conducted by chartered building surveyors. Decide on the type of survey that aligns with your specific needs. The type of surveying required influences the particular project being conducted. Conducting a survey on land with significant elevation changes may necessitate a land survey. A boundary survey is required if there is a conflict regarding property boundaries and trespassing. 

Consider The Experience 

This indicates that you want them to possess expertise in the specific field of surveying you need. Surveying services include building surveys, valuations, party wall agreements, expert witness services, boundary surveys, project management, and topographic surveys. It is essential to be sure that they can meet your specific needs. Look for a surveyor with prior experience dealing with the specific type of property you are considering. For instance, if you want to acquire an old house, you must hire a surveyor familiar with historic structures. 

Read Testimonials and Reviews 

You can’t trust all reviews. Sometimes, even the top surveying firms can have a bad day. Examining the average rating and reviews of companies can assist you in making informed decisions. To evaluate a company’s performance, consider its number of reviews, the proportion of positive ones, and whether it has addressed negative feedback, demonstrating its concern for its customers. 

Check Their Insurance

Ensure the building surveyor you select has professional indemnity insurance, which offers protection in case of mistakes or oversights in their reports. Without insurance, you may end up paying high repair expenses for any overlooked issues found in the survey.


Proper communication is essential during and after the survey, especially when identifying an issue. When communicating with the surveying company, be sure to inquire about the possibility of speaking directly with the building surveyor after the inspection and addressing any identified problems. Some surveying firms, particularly larger ones, often do not have the best communication. The worst scenario is being left waiting in line or not getting your questions addressed once the survey is done.

Bottom Line 

Did you know that conducting a survey before making any contracts can help you cut costs? It could also prevent you from experiencing a property disaster. Finding and selecting a surveyor for a property can seem overwhelming. However, you can use the tips above to minimize risk and increase the chances of finding the ideal company for your needs.

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