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Tips for Reducing Pigeon Population By 50% on Annual Basis via OvoControl

Reducing Pigeon Population

Many large Las Vegas buildings, such as hospitals, schools, universities, and casinos, have a pigeon infestation problem that requires urgent intervention. Urban, feral pigeons are a menace, and pest control services categorize them as vermin much like rodents and insects. Active steps are necessary to reduce and control pigeon populations as they grow exponentially, pushing other bird species out of an area.

Among the various pigeon population control measures available to building owners is pigeon birth control from OvoControl. This product can reduce a pigeon population by up to 50% within the first year of use. Here is what users need to know about the product and its use:

Understanding pigeon birth control

Most companies offering a pigeon control solution in Las Vegas find OvoControl an effective, efficient solution to their problem. It works by disrupting the pigeon’s reproductive cycle. Urban pigeons are prodigious reproducers, breeding multiple times each year. Normal breeding cycle conditions do not apply to them as they have year-round access to food, water, and nesting space. The warm Nevada climate means that it is never too cold for pigeons to add to their families.

While pigeons will continue mating, as usual, OvoControl prevents egg fertilization. Any eggs laid by female pigeons do not hatch. This puts a stop to the out-of-control breeding patterns that have dominated urban pigeon populations in recent decades.

Before deciding on OvoControl as their preferred pigeon population reduction strategy, users should understand the product and how it works. Pigeon birth control is a bait that is included in seed made available to pigeons. It is introduced to them gradually, with incremental increases in the ratio of OvoControl to seed until optimal levels are reached.

Using the correct amount

Insufficient pigeon birth control bait will not achieve the desired result, and building owners or pest control specialists do complex calculations to determine how much they need. This necessitates a minimum of two weeks spent observing pigeon activity to get a rough headcount of pigeons around the building.

Package instructions demonstrate how to determine how much OvoControl is necessary using a pigeon population estimate. The directions also explain the ratios for mixing seed and bait, how frequently to increase it, and what amount.

Pigeons are creatures of habit, and establishing a feeding schedule will help building owners get them to consume the OvoControl regularly. Before commencing with a pigeon contraceptive program, start by feeding the pigeons daily at a set time, preferably in the morning. Before long, people responsible for feeding will find the pigeons waiting for them each day. Creating an expectation of receiving food is enough to get pigeons to report for a meal and chase away other birds that threaten their food supply.


Having established a feeding routine, building owners must ensure it is adhered to without skipping a day. As mentioned before, urban pigeons breed 365 days a year. Therefore, to maintain a pigeon birth control program’s efficacy, bait should be dispensed daily.

To make this task easier, OvoControl customers can buy automatic feeders that release the correct quantity of seed and bait at a preset time. All that is necessary is ensuring that the feeders remain topped up.

Regular headcount checks are necessary after starting a pigeon birth control program. Pigeons seem able to communicate with friends and relatives in neighboring areas, and they might also arrive for a free meal. Should this happen without adjusting the dose, it will weaken the program’s efficacy.

Non-target species

While pigeon contraceptive bait is geared toward pigeons and suits their palate, other birds might also try and get in on the action. These non-target bird species should not eat it as laws forbid administering bait to protected, threatened, and endangered species. Experts advise that someone observes bird activity for the first hour after the OvoControl is dispensed to ensure that only pigeons eat it.

Fortunately, pigeons tend to take care of this problem themselves. They are greedy by nature and will chase other birds away to protect their food source. However, it might be necessary to chase other species away to prevent them from accessing the bait.

Health and safety considerations

Building owners cannot use OvoControl in public areas where humans and other animals can access it. Therefore, it should be used on rooftops and paved areas where public access is impossible. As it becomes contaminated after contact with water, OvoControl should not be used in rainy conditions or areas that attract pools of stagnant water.

People who work with the pigeon birth control bait should wear protective gear, such as gloves, masks, and safety glasses when working with the product. They should also change their clothes and wash their hands and faces thoroughly after working with this product. Building owners should consider giving them disposable, protective clothing for the task.

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