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Tips for Managing Multi-Property Hotel Chains in 2023

Tips for Managing Multi-Property Hotel Chains in 2023

While the hospitality industry has changed exponentially in the last few years, the core principles of the business remain the same. The focus of the hospitality business, as always, is to create a memorable experience for the guests in the fast changing hospitality environment. Understanding the needs of the guests is of paramount important in the hospitality segment and once the hoteliers zero in on what guests want, they can modify their services around the needs of the guests.

When guests get a unique staying experience they are more likely to choose the property again and also recommend it to their friends and family members. For hotel chains, this kind of word-of-mouth publicity is even more important as they can build a reputation for being a property that takes excellent care of guests. 

Managing a multi-property hotel chain comes with a large number of challenges, but using a multi-property hotel management software can help to tackle many of these challenges with ease. Let’s take a quick look at some of these challenges:

  • Managing properties across different time zones
  • Managing properties with different staff languages
  • Offering personalized experience to guests
  • Multiple software usage at property locations
  • Lack of software customization for the needs of the property
  • Software with a steep learning curve for new employees
  • Lack of automation of daily tasks
  • Creating consolidated reports for different properties
  • Inventory management for different properties

Keeping in mind these challenges and many more, hoteliers need to upgrade their existing systems to a robust and reliable multi-property management software for hotel chains. A software solution that can be easily used at all the property locations is a sure-shot way to resolve many of the challenges that these properties face on a daily basis. Using software provided by a single vendor keeps the information organized and all software updates are applied instantly for better data and information security. 

Here are some features that hoteliers should look for when choosing a multi-property hotel management software. 

  • Backed up by the cloud
  • Centralized operation
  • Short learning curve
  • Shared guest history
  • Works with existing software 
  • Third party integrations
  • 24/7 support from software provider
  • Accessible by mobile devices
  • Customizable report creation
  • Staff monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Room rate management

Top Reasons Why Hotels Should Use Multi-Property Management Software for Hotel Chains 

The Cloud Makes it Easy to Manage Properties

Speed is of the essence when managing multiple properties. Information needs to be updated on all ends in real time so that issues like double-booking and overbooking do not arise. With cloud powered software, all the information gets synched in real-time. Any inventory changes or room price changes made by the central office are reflected on all channels and booking sites instantly. 

A Centralised Dashboard is the Key to Managing Multiple Hotel Properties

The centralized dashboard puts the key metrics of all the properties at the forefront. Managers can further customize the dashboard to show the relevant information for every property at a glance. The dashboard can show information such as room rates, inventory, reports, room occupancy, guest details, housekeeping duties, and much more. 

Enhancing Guest Experience

In a cloud based multi-property hotel management software, guest details are shared across all the hotels in the chain. In the future, if the guest books a stay at another hotel in the chain of properties, they can expect excellent treatment there as well. Often guests have preferences for their meals because of allergies or room location for a view they like. Hotels can use this information to give the guest a superior experience at their arrival. 

Cloud Adds A Strong Layer of Security to the Hotel Data

The data saved on the cloud is protected by high-grade security systems and layers of encryption. A strong security architecture means all the data about the hotel, guests, and records is safe from hacking or phishing attacks. Data security also means that in case there is a natural disaster at one property, the data is safe in the cloud, and it can be recovered easily.

Automation Saves Time and Effort of the Staff

One of the key features of using multi-property management software for hotel chains is that the daily tasks of data entry and data management can be automated to save the time of the staff. From creating reports to keeping an eye on the inventory, all these tasks and several others can be automated to give the staff members more time to work on hotel areas that need their attention. 

Another benefit of automation is the software can be set-up to change room rates on all booking channels, depending on the availability of rooms. These changes are made in real-time so that the hotel can present the most attractive room rates to the guests. Without the intervention of the staff, all changes are free from human error as well. 


There are many factors that can make or break a hotel business, but finding a suitable software solution will always be a plus point for any hotel business. The right software, backed by a reliable company can give hotel chains a boost in their business and also help in improving the experience of the guests. 

At mycloud Hospitality, we offer several years of experience in providing software solutions to hospitality businesses. From small hotels to large hotel chains, the software suite from mycloud Hospitality is used by businesses all over the world. For hotel chains, the software offers a robust way to manage properties as it can be customized to suit the exact needs of the business. 

If you are managing a multi-chain hotel, you can give this software suite a trial run today. Simply call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a quick demonstration. You can also browse through for more information about the features and functions of the software. You can also create a free 30-day trial account at the website!


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