Tips for Kids and Beginners to Learn Quran Online

To begin a relationship with the Qur’an as a beginner, we need to make significant changes in our daily lives, at least at times, for the Koran to become our companion. There is a good chance that you’re looking for advice on how to start learning the Quran Online in USA, UK and Canada.

For this reason, the first step in incorporating the Qur’an into our daily routines is to examine our activities, time management, and, in some cases, interpersonal relationships. One may feel lost and unsure of how to go about making the Qur’an a part of our lives so that Allah (SWT) counts us among the Qur’an’s people, inshallah. Is there anything else I need to know?

In my opinion, the Koran deserves our love more than any other object on the planet, so I like to compare our relationship with it to a love relationship. It’s also important to listen to one another’s needs in order to establish a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. Love can be a dangerous thing because we tend to give everything away at first, and in the end… the hard part isn’t falling, but landing. Finally, you will understand that the departure is of paramount importance because it determines everything from the length of your journey to the trajectory it takes.

Because finding the right path isn’t as important as staying on it. To add insult to injury, it is no small feat to continue on our path despite the numerous obstacles that we face right from the get-go.

However, as with anything else, the most difficult part is getting started.

Sport is a good analogy because it’s the same thing. The first 30 minutes of jogging are the most difficult; after that, you feel as if you can fly to new horizons with nothing holding you back. Same goes for Islam’s holy book, the Koran. Because you are rewarded in the Koran when your ship reaches its destination.

As a result, here are a few pointers for those who are just beginning to study the Koran:

Learn to read Arabic instead of using phonics.

Many people use phonetic transcription, as I explained in this article. What happened when they started studying Arabic? All of the suras they learned in phonetics had to be redone because they were all mispronounced. For a new Quran itinerant, the use of phonetic transcription should not be the end of the road. Until Allah (SWT) satisfies us by teaching us Arabic, it must only be used as a substitute. A common refrain of mine is that the Quran was revealed in Arabic, not phonetically. In addition, reading the Quran in Arabic is a completely different experience than reading it in English.

To improve your Kids pronunciation of the letters, you must first learn to read Arabic.

It’s best if you take tajwid lessons. As a beginner, it can be discouraging to get bogged down in theory in some classes. We can see this in the al-dirassa centre, which is a good example of this. As a matter of fact, there is a method that can be used as a bridge to the theory. This is the Nouranya method, which uses word decomposition exercises to help students learn Online Quran Classes For Kids and read the Koran. It’s a good approach for those just getting started. Those who are unable to read Arabic can still benefit from learning the language in sha Allah through this method.

Kids Should Read the Quran aloud.

It’s also a great tip for those just getting started with Quran study. As a result, if we follow the recitation in the mushaf at the same time. It’s true that reading the Qur’an compels us to mentally recite the words we hear. It is hoped that by listening to others, we will eventually become better at reciting insha’Allah.

The Koran is a good place to start.

Importance and significance of Arabic and Learning Quran

Qur’anic recitation, recitation, and memorising with online Quran tutors are all just biases that we must keep in mind as we seek to draw closer to Allah (SWT).

The Qur’an’s ultimate goal is to be put into action. Furthermore, we can only put it into practise if we study and meditate on it in the name of Allah. In addition to the Quran, a good Tafseer can serve as a good starting point.

Develop a strong sense of perseverance

It’s a great tip for people who are just getting started studying the Quran. Keeping this in mind, recitation in the mushaf It was stated at the outset. Be patient because we’ve all been there, and we’ll all get through it. Now, insha’Allah, you must plan your journey using the Qur’an as a guide. Rushing through the material is a waste of time. Putting the cart before the horse is pointless because everything has a season. You’ll inevitably find yourself in a situation where you say, “I can’t.”

I’m not sure if it’s for me. It’s impossible. It’s impossible for me to do!

I’m too late; the train has already left the station!

So, here’s my challenge to you: Are you willing to put up a fight for what you want in life? Alternately, do you want to spend the rest of your days feeling guilty?

Put in the time and effort required.

We will never have anything without anything if we don’t tell the truth to each other in this life and in the hereafter, so are you ready to fight against yourself for Allah if you’re willing to go through hardships to recite the Koran?

Kids Should Read a page of Quran a day, at the very least.

For both beginners and those who want to develop a long-term relationship with the Qur’an, this is a piece of advice that I give them. That’s what I recommend to those who want to make the Koran their companion while also making their reading more enjoyable.

You time yourself each time you read your daily page. At first, it will take you 10 to 15 minutes to read a page, but with practise, you will be reading it in under 5 minutes. As long as you can manage to complete one page each day, that’s fine. Insha’Allah, you’ll be able to read the entire Quran in a year. You can begin by reading one page a day, then two, then three, and so on, until you feel comfortable enough to increase your daily page count.

Have a programme for memorising the Quran for Kids

There are those who will say that trying to memorise the Quran when we are only beginners is a foolish idea. Isn’t that the case? In other words, we can’t just memorise the structures of new letters and words to become proficient with them.

Those who want to make the Qur’an easier to read should learn it and use a memorization programme. This is one of the best hints for those just starting out in their Quranic studies. When it comes to fluency in Quranic reading Join Free Online Quran Classes at Quran Easy, those who have memorised the text are the fastest (it is not a race).

Inquire for help and have your mistakes corrected.

To begin with, I’ll put in an extended period. The proud and the timid are the two types of people who will never learn. A person is considered shy if he is afraid to ask for help, and proud if he believes he knows everything and refuses to accept help because it would damage his self-esteem.

Islamic studies, in general, as well as Quran recitation in particular, can lead to an appreciation for “slaps” because they help us improve and bring us closer to Allah (SWT) and the prophetic model, and thus we find ourselves liking the “slaps.”

So we must not hesitate to ask for help and reach out to ask for explanations or see if we pronounce well. It’s also polite to say thanks to the person who will be helping you, since you’re allowing him to worship Allah (SWT). You may have to ask a friend or acquaintance if they’d like to read about you.

Use every opportunity that comes your way, no matter how big or small.

Beginners in Quran study can benefit greatly from remembering that while it is important to follow the chain of events and organise their thoughts in this manner, Allah (SWT) also sends things your way without your knowing how or why they came about. It’s up to you to take advantage of the situation.

Initiate a class schedule or Register your Quran Classes With QuranEasy.com

Quran classes are the best option. According to the above advice, it is possible to implement most of it with supervision from a competent person. Attending regular classes is the best course of action. You’re surrounded by people who share your devotion to the Koran, under the watchful eye of a trained professional, and surrounded by people who share your devotion to the Koran. It’s still possible to learn the Quran online through the quraneasy.com, an online Quran academy teaches the Kids and adults in USA, UK and Canada.

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