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Tips for increasing natural light in your home

As someone who loves letting the sun penetrate my living spaces, I’ve learned a thing or two about increasing natural light in your home. Of course, having plenty of sunshine brightening up your living space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial to mental health and well-being.

I’ve picked up along the way which, combined with an interior floor plan designed using a floor plan creator, helped me maximize my natural lighting

  • Keep windows and curtains clean

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s important to regularly clean both the windows and curtains in order to ensure maximum light penetration into your living space. Dirty windows can block out valuable sunlight so make sure you give them a good scrub down from time to time!

  • Choose lighter colors for walls

Darker colors absorb more light than lighter shades so if you want to optimize natural lighting in your home, opt for brighter paint colors like white or cream for your walls. If you prefer darker tones then consider adding an accent wall with a lighter shade instead!

  • Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors help bounce sunlight around which can help brighten up dark corners of any room in your home. Consider placing one on an opposing wall near a window or reflecting surface such as a lake or pool outside to amplify natural light inside!

  • Install skylights

If possible, install skylights in areas where you need more natural lighting such as hallways or landings (if they are high enough). This will let sunlight stream directly into those hard-to-reach spots that would otherwise remain dark even during the brightest days!

  • Utilize reflective surfaces

Polished metal surfaces such as brass doorknobs, silver picture frames, and even stainless steel appliances all reflect incoming light which can increase brightness levels indoors without needing additional sources of artificial lighting when it gets dark outside!

  • Let nature take its course

For some extra sparkle during sunny days try leaving plants outdoors for their leaves to act as diffusers for direct sunlight coming through windows; this will create beautiful patterns on furniture, floors, and other surfaces indoors while still allowing plenty of brightness inside without being too harsh on eyesight either!

  • Invest in energy-efficient bulbs

While switching off most lights during sunny days might be enough depending on how much sun is entering each room, investing in energy-efficient bulbs that don’t consume too much electricity when switched on will help save money while also ensuring there is always adequate illumination regardless of weather conditions outside!

  • Add sheer fabrics

Sheer materials such as curtains or drapes are essential if you want to regulate the amount of sunshine entering certain rooms at different times throughout day/night cycles; plus they add an elegant touch while still allowing plenty of air circulation inside too!

Following these simple tips should allow anyone looking to increase their indoor natural lighting while reducing energy consumption costs at the same time – something we could all benefit from these days! With little effort invested it doesn’t take much effort nor cost anything more than regular cleaning routines so why not give it a go? You won’t regret doing so once results start showing themselves after just a few weeks’ worth trying out the abovementioned strategies!

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