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Tips for Getting a Job in the Financial Industry

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Let’s face it, money runs our society. It’s the fuel every person uses to accomplish their goals. As a result, working in the financial industry is an extremely lucrative career choice. When people think of financial jobs, they often picture accountants, data analysts, CEOs, etc. However, the industry is massive, and there are countless jobs for a wide range of skill sets. 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get your foot in the financial industry and land yourself an amazing career. 

It All Starts With Education

Many people who want to get a job in the financial industry think you need a degree in finance. While you do need a college degree for most positions, it doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of background you have. What’s more important is specialized education and certificates.

Contractor Training Center, an institution that provides Florida business and finance exam prep services, states that specialized education opens up various opportunities in the contractor financial sector. That’s just one example of the kind of certificate you can achieve to start your career in finance. 

If you’re questioning your ability to land a decent job, don’t be too hard on yourself. A significant part of the industry is having good social skills and a knack for critical thinking. With those attributes, you can get your foot in the door in various career paths. 

Start Networking

Here’s where social skills come in handy. The right time to start networking is now. In the financial industry, networking is one of the most effective ways to win. In essence, networking means getting yourself out there and making your name known and that you can provide value to others. Fortunately, there are various events in most major cities to help you start.  

If you’re a student, you can speak with your college’s career center to see if they can set you up with appointments for internships. If you’re already out of school, try searching for networking events in your area. The best part is that most networking events are free to enter and generally have keynote speakers who can give you valuable insights about what working in the industry is really like.

Be Prepared To Work Hard at Finding a Job

We won’t sugarcoat it. Finding a good job in finance certainly isn’t easy. It takes extensive effort and patience to find an opportunity worth chasing. That said, putting in the hard work will eventually pay off big time. You need to develop a reliable routine and schedule when it comes to job hunting. One of the best methods is to set yourself a target. Whether it be 20 phone calls a day or submitting 15 job applications, set yourself a target and blow it out of the water.

Job hunting can have a compounding effect. You may not see any results in the first few weeks, but eventually, your phone and email will be blowing up with interviews and offers. Don’t make the mistake of settling at the first opportunity you get. Instead, get yourself out there and explore several positions before making a final decision. 


No doubt, working in the financial industry can be extremely rewarding. However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. If you think finance is the right industry for you, be ready for a long commitment. If you’re struggling to get your feet wet, remember not to give up so easily. Your dream job may be right around the corner. 

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