Tips For First-Timers Choosing a Yacht Charter, Yacht Jerico Shares

If you are dreaming of a sailing vacation on a yacht charter, but have never chartered before, Yacht Jerico, the Miami-based yacht charter, shares some expert tips for a memorable vacation. Finding the ideal location and perfect yacht for your charter is imperative if you want to enjoy a carefree time out at sea. However, a balanced itinerary and an understanding of onboard etiquette are also important.

Using a Charter Broker and Choosing the Best Location

There is no shortage of yacht charter destinations. Whether you prefer to stay closer to home or sail abroad, there are plenty of locations to choose from. Some of the Mediterranean charter grounds are more challenging than others, but then there are also destinations like the Canary Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean, and Florida.

Choosing the destination should also depend on some other logistics like getting to your charter destination, the places you’ll want to visit, and what clothes you’ll need, etc. As a first-timer, using a charter broker is often the best way to plan your first yacht vacation.

A charter broker can recommend the best travel destination for you, will negotiate prices, and inspect various yachts before recommending the best one. It is more expensive to charter a yacht in high season, but you could consider the option of chartering during shoulder season.

Picking the Yacht

The right yacht for your needs will make the charter even more enjoyable. If you are planning a family trip, you will want to ensure there is enough space onboard for your brood and enough activities to keep them busy.

Your vacation party, regardless of the number of people and ages, should feel like they are comfortable in the spaces provided. If speed is not important to you, you might not want a fast yacht that is also a fuel guzzler.

Decide whether you want a sail or motor yacht, and whether you want a crew or not. Newer yachts are sleek and faster, but many gorgeous refitted older yachts provide a delightful experience at sea.

Advanced Planning and a Balanced Itinerary

The yacht charter company and broker will want to know what your exact requirements are. Therefore, you need to give them as many details as possible. These should include dietary requirements, everyone’s age, special occasions, any allergies, and medical issues.

The itinerary is an important part of the trip because, with a program, you can do far more. However, as a first-timer, you might be tempted to plan far too many activities. “Yacht charters aren’t cheap, and you are on vacation, so give yourself time to relax and enjoy your yacht,” says a Yacht Jerico spokesperson. Then again, since you are on a private yacht charter, be flexible and enjoy as many things as possible.

A balanced itinerary should allow you enough cruising time, but also enough time to accommodate course changes required to enjoy an exciting location, have a meal onshore, or because of the weather.

Onboard Eiquette

There are some important dos and don’ts to remember, but most of them are common sense. The crew is responsible for all the guests, so do respect the safety briefings. These are vital because they inform you about the whereabouts of the life jackets and other safety equipment. Do show respect to the crew and treat the yacht as if it’s your property.

Also, make sure your luggage is easy to store, that you pre-assign sleep areas to avoid tension, and follow the rules as far as shoes are concerned. Finally, tipping the crew is a sign of common courtesy.

If you are on a crewed boat, don’t expect the crew to babysit, unless you have pre-arranged with them to provide you with a babysitter. You must avoid doing anything illegal, and never violate the smoking policy. Always respect all boundaries, and if there are any problems, solve them through the captain.

Know the Important Yacht Charter Terms

This is some of the basic wording you will need to know for booking your charter and signing the contract. The contract is designed to protect you and the yacht owner. In it, the details include the date, location, insurance, and cancellation policy. Before signing, ask about any terms you are unsure of.

Charter Rate – This is the price of chartering the yacht and its crew. Some yacht charters change their prices depending on the season and location. This price doesn’t include the gratuity, pickup fees, dock fees, provisioning, and fuel prices.

APA – An advance provision allowance is paid in advance for provisions, fuel, etc. This fee varies, but expect it to cover 30-35% of the overall charter fee.

Yacht Jerico provides exciting onboard experiences in Miami. Their boats are decked for the ultimate outdoor nightclub experiences at sea. You have a choice of powerful Pershing and other superb celebrity yachts. 

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