Tips for buying used excavators in excellent condition

Excavators are crucial machinery for the mining and construction industries as they lay the cornerstone for further work. Excavators carry out intensive earthmoving activities like trenching, digging, grading, cutting, loading- unloading and filling operations. Having the required excavators on-site and their special attachments at hand greatly reduces project turnaround time and downtime. 

Excavators are expensive pieces of heavy machinery, and purchasing a brand new excavator from a reputed manufacturer is quite expensive even for established construction and mining companies. Purchasing a new excavator for a project can cause financial strain on the budget and its maintenance and repairs can raise operational costs further. One can always buy a used excavator in good condition and keep operational and procurement costs in check instead of purchasing new excavators. But one should remember that thorough research is essential before buying a used excavator

Here are a few tips to help you buy a used excavator in the best possible condition: 

  1. Security 

Every excavator, be it old or new, has a title attached under its name. The validity of this title must be scrutinised before selecting an excavator for purchase. You may research the history of the parts & manufacturer using the serial number of the excavator and the engine within. To save money, used equipment dealers may occasionally use stolen components to cut costs and increase profits. Duplicate or stolen parts compromise the security of your equipment. The only way to ensure this isn’t the case is to have a clear title.

  1. Oil

Inspecting existing oil in the machine is as important as checking the excavator’s serial code. Excavator oil tests are carried out by taking an oil sample and submitting it to a lab to check for traces of contamination. Any trace of contamination indicates that the excavator unit is unfit to use for a longer duration and is at risk of a breakdown during intensive tasks. 

  1. Percentage of wear 

Establishing a regular preventive maintenance schedule is necessary to extend excavator life and to get the most out of it. However, not everyone follows this procedure. Since an excavator carries out intensive tasks, it becomes essential to check for wear and tear on excavator parts, such as: 

  • Tracks 
  • Dozer blade edges 
  • Final drive sprockets 
  • Bucket pins 

Checking these before purchasing can help avoid a very high maintenance bill.

  1. Structural integrity

In addition to the degree of wear, the used excavator’s general structural integrity has to be examined in the following areas:

  • Weld inspections
  • Front Attachment Inspection
  • Chassis
  • Warranty protection and related components
  • ROPS, double-locking fast hitches, and pre-cleaners 
  1. Checking for play/movement 

Excessive play in the swing radius of the excavator might result in injury and, in extreme cases, even loss of life. The housing should revolve in a tight, smooth motion. The slew ring, one of the machine’s costliest replacement parts, is susceptible to damage from excessive play. Checking for overarching movement on the bushings and pins is also crucial for inspection before purchasing an excavator. 

  1. Undercarriage check

The most expensive part of an excavator is the undercarriage. The machine’s entire weight is supported by the undercarriage, which is constantly battered by rocks and other impediments while in use. Many of its components are subject to continuous wear and tear. A used excavator with an undercarriage in relatively good condition decreases operational expenses in the future. 


Choosing a used excavator in good condition contributes to the safety, economy, and quality of your construction or mining project. Thorough research is essential before purchasing any used construction equipment to keep operational costs in check and get the most out of your investment. 

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