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Tips for Buying Concert Tickets Online

Are you having difficulty getting tickets for your favorite band next month? Did you miss the opportunity to get tickets when they went on sale? Did your friends buy tickets but you didn’t? It can be frustrating and complicated to buy concert tickets online. Here are some tips for buying concert tickets online from the perspective of a venue. is the ultimate destination for Metal and Rock fans. Best concert ticket sites writers are passionate from all parts of the globe, but one thing unites us is our love of metal and rock music. Take a look at our tips!

You should ensure that you purchase directly from the event organizer or their ticketing partner.

You can quickly search online to find out if the event organizer is selling tickets directly or through a partner such as SmithsTix or Ticketmaster. Although re-sell websites look legitimate, ticket prices can sometimes be up to 4x what they cost through the organization. Tickets that are sold by resell sites can be put up for sale before the event organizer has even released them.

If you are not sure if you’re on the right site, you can find a number on the site to call and inquire if they are an affiliate with the venue or a third-party reseller site.


It is possible that the websites will crash if you wait until it’s THE DAY to purchase your tickets. Ticketmaster works with a waiting list. If you refresh, you will lose your place in that line. It is best to visit the website, open your browsers and put your computer on sleep mode. Then wait for the next day. You can also use multiple devices to access the website. You must ensure that your devices remain fully charged.

Open an additional tab for each retailer about an hour before tickets go on sale. It does not guarantee that you will get the tickets. However, 4 of 6 times I have used this method, my tickets were delivered much sooner than if I opened the tab at the time of sale.

Get on the mailing list

Join their mailing list to stay informed about events at specific venues. Nearly all event organizers have an email list. You will be notified whenever exciting things happen, such as concert announcements or when tickets go on sale.

Follow the event venue/organization on social media.

Many event organizations have social media accounts, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. These social media platforms can be used to inform the community about important information and upcoming events. These pages are also a great way to interact with your followers, so show some love!

Timer set 10 minutes before tickets go on the market

If you are interested in a show that is currently on sale, be sure to check online at least ten minutes before they go on sale. Many sites allow you to log in before the sale, which can save you precious seconds. After you log in, click refresh to see the tickets go on sale.

For insider tips, call the venue before you arrive

If an event organizer sells tickets directly from their website, call them before the event and ask for their advice. Each organization is unique and may have their own procedures. Ask employees what their favorite places are for sitting, how to speed up online shopping, and if there are pre-sales.

Check back often, sometimes a sold out show is still available

Sometimes tickets are released closer to the event. Tickets will be re-sold if the venue has a resell option on its site. Even venues release tickets more often closer to the show, sometimes a few days before or on the day of.

Did you get the ticket that you were looking for? Congrats! Every ticket you sell is a huge competition. We hope you have fun with your show.

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