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Tips for Being More Proactive with Your IT Needs

People who don’t work in the IT industry often believe that IT personnel serve solely in a reactive role; they fix problems as they arise and deal with help desk tickets as they come in. While you can certainly approach your IT needs in this way, a more proactive approach is better for your business and can prevent problems from occurring as frequently. Keep reading to learn how you can be more proactive in managing your IT needs.

Periodic Security Checks

Your network’s security is essential to protecting your intellectual property, customer data, and more. However, far too many businesses set up their firewalls and antivirus software, then forget about it. While your initial setup might protect your network for a while, it will eventually become outdated. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly evolving, developing new viruses, and finding new techniques for infiltrating businesses’ security networks. The more outdated your security is, the more likely it is to be impacted by these criminals.

Rather than waiting for a breach or virus to hit your company, you should be more proactive and ensure that you’re performing regular stress tests of your security measures. Doing so can help you to find weak points and shore them up before a hacker can take advantage of the issue.

Regularly Update Systems

In addition to checking network security and updating as needed, you should also be updating the rest of your technology when it becomes outdated. This not only includes performing prompted updates to software but staying abreast of changes in technology as well as making changes that will improve the efficiency of your company. Keeping up with updates in your industry-relevant technology can take up some time, but it can be well worth the effort by ensuring that you stay efficient and competitive with others in your field.

Additionally, these regular updates can help you to avoid downtime. Outdated systems and technology are more prone to breakdowns, which will require those reactive fixes from your IT help desk. By being more proactive, you can prevent these issues so that the help desk tickets never even need to be sent.

Work with an MSP

Often, the best way to be proactive with your IT is to entrust the bulk of the work to someone else. Managed service providers (MSPs) are third-party IT companies that can fully manage your IT systems, including security stress tests and updates related to industry changes. If you’re looking to be more proactive, look for an IT support services company in Orlando.

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