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Tips for a Stylish and Classic Home

Ring in the New Year with some stylish updates to your home. Trends come and go, and including elements of trends will keep your space timely and relevant, but the overall look should still match your personal style. Learn how to find your style and incorporate a few trends to keep everything fresh and current.

Understand Yourself

Personal style is a reflection of your interests, creativity, and lifestyle. You already showcase your unique style in your clothing, but your home should also reflect this style. Home decor should be about you and what you like. Personalizing your home to fit your needs and tastes will make the space relaxing, inspiring, and inviting. 

Complement your personal style with on-point colors and other trending looks to create a fashionable, unique appearance while still being true to you.

Connect with Nature

A big trend in 2024 is to incorporate nature and natural elements into your home. This biophilic trend can be implemented in many ways, so find the best way to fit your style. Feature natural materials to add texture. A leather chair with a knit throw blanket tossed over the back, a rattan footstool, braided natural fiber throw rugs, and bamboo picture frames align with the natural trend and bring nature inside. Feature houseplants to further connect with this trend while giving your home a cozy yet vibrant feeling. The lush foliage of a Syngonium is a great way to add trailing stems and variegated greenery without a big time commitment.

Neutral Tones

Earth tones are trendy for 2024, which makes sense because they’re an extension of the popular nature look. If you’re unsure how to use color, select white for the walls and use rich browns, reds, oranges as secondary and accent colors. A warm peach fuzz shade will work well on throw pillows or artwork. Accent colors are a great way to add a burst of color without overwhelming the space, and they can easily be swapped out if you get bored or fall out of love with the color. 

Use the 60-30-10 rule when adding color to a room. Use the primary color for 60%, so this will mostly be the wall color. Feature a secondary color in 30% of the space, which can be furniture or window treatments. Lastly, use an accent color in artwork, decor items, and other accessories for 10% of the space.

Quite Luxury

Stuffy formal spaces are out, and comfy, lived-in rooms are in demand for 2024. Select comfortable, welcoming furniture that makes you want to sit down and relax. Complement the space with luxurious drapes that allow sunlight to flood the room once pushed aside.

Round and Round

Arches are less popular than they once were, but they are far from out of style. Rounded shapes are trendy, so choose an oval coffee table to place in front of a luxuriously overstuffed couch with rounded cushions. Hang a curved mirror over a mantle or install a light fixture with large glass globes to introduce the round shape. Place a round wooden bowl on a kitchen counter to hold fruit or use that bowl in a living room to display decorative items.

Welcome Home

Trends are fleeting by nature, and going all in on home decor trends will make your home look lovely for a while but can make your space look dated before long. Use your personal style as a guide when decorating your home, and then offset your look with trendy colors and materials. Incorporating some trends will allow your space to look fresh and allow for easy updating as trends continue to evolve.


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