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Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Rank Higher And Increase Your Audience

Make Your Website Rank Higher

How your website ranks on different search engines’ results pages is an important factor to gauge its overall performance compared to your competitors’. Only a few businesses nowadays are still oblivious to the dynamic role and the direct impact on their growth that a well-designed website can have. There’s also another misconception that creating a dominant website requires a lot of money that small brands with limited funds cannot afford so they decide to drop it altogether. However, this is far from true. In fact, if you continue reading this article, you’ll learn about some tips and tricks to make your website rank higher and increase your audience. So let’s get started.

Share Rich Content

This is one of the most effective ways to increase the traffic on your website. Customers have become pickier than ever before. They won’t fall for the clickbait pieces you randomly share on your website. They want rich content full of interesting information and valuable insights that can be worthy of their time. Even though you might not know this, poor unthought content is very easy to spot. If you want your website to become one of the top-ranking ones, raise the bar when it comes to the content you share on your website. Agree with your team to aim for quality over quantity. After all, posting 2 or 3 share-worthy pieces every week is much more effective in improving your ranking than a couple of poor ones that you’d post on a daily basis. 

Hire a Professional Web Designer

Professional website designers have a lot of knowledge when it comes to enhancing your customers’ website experience. There’s a lot of details including choosing the right font, colors and designing the optimum navigation flow that would make your target audience willing to spend some time browsing through the pages. Hiring a professional is also a surefire way to keep your search rankings high for the long haul since they usually offer maintenance and continuous improvement services. This means that even in the unlikely chance that your web designer doesn’t get it right at first, with some user testing and analysis, they should be able to make the necessary adjustments and give you the results that you’re seeking.

Pay Attention to Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating and off-putting than having to stare at the loading wheel for minutes on end just to get to the checkout page and finalize a purchase. More often than not, your slow website will leave you struggling with the dangerous “abandoned cart” phenomenon. You might be a market leader in terms of the quality of your products and the impeccable services you offer your customers but if your website is not “catching up”, your sales will slowly but surely start to dwindle. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Most people rely on their handheld devices to browse on the go. If you want to have a better chance of ranking higher on search engines, you need to make sure you provide your audience with a seamless mobile experience. Users should expect a consistent experience no matter where they’re accessing your website from. Not only does this increase the chances of higher traffic, it’ll also make your business come across as professional and trustworthy. Over time, these qualities will help you cultivate the coveted customer loyalty that every business aims to achieve. Your professional web designer can help you optimize your website for mobiles. This could be included in the deal or you might need to pay some extra charges for this service. Whatever the case, it’ll prove to be a worthy investment so don’t think twice about it. 

Make Your Website Appear in “Near-me” Searches

Even if your brand is relatively unknown to the public, optimizing your website for local searches is a foolproof way to enhance your ranking. This is especially true if you’re located in a populous city where traffic doesn’t allow for easy commuting from one place to another. On many occasions, people would type in something along the lines of “Thai restaurants near me” or “best coffee near me”. If your website is properly optimized and listed on the local business pages on various search engines, you should experience a surge in traffic by doing this. However, make sure your business profile is updated and your contact info is consistent throughout your website to attract as many potential users as possible. Furthermore, you should consider adding attractive and illustrative real-life photos to make it even easier for an interested audience to find your location. 

Website Ranking

Ranking high on search engine results pages is known to be a complicated process especially that there’s an undeniable element of luck involved. However, with the help of the above tips and tricks, you should be able to navigate this realm and position your website to become one of the top performers among your competitors. Ranking high will help you grow your business and increase your sales.

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