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Tips and Considerations For Selecting The Right Tile For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is much more than just another small room in your house. It is the place where you revamp yourself after a tiring day. The overall look and feel of your bath space can greatly influence your mood. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the design of your bathroom. The tiles you use in your bathroom are the biggest element contributing to the overall appearance of your bath space. Therefore, choosing the right bathroom tiles is extremely crucial. However, keep in mind that design should not be the only factor when selecting bathroom tiles. Here are a few essential factors to take into account:

1. Check Anti-Slip Features

Bathrooms are prone to accidents due to slipping due to the constant presence of water on the floor. Therefore, it becomes crucial to go for slip-resistant or anti-skid tiles, especially for the bathroom floor. It is not recommended to install tiles with high gloss or smooth polished finish in bathroom floors as the risk of slipping becomes even higher with these tiles. Tiles with matt finish or textured finish are a better choice for bathroom floors. Tiles with a glossy or polished finish are more suitable for walls as they make your room look brighter.

So, make sure that you look for slip-resistant properties when choosing tiles for your bathroom. H&R Johnson is one of the reputed tile brands offering high-quality anti-slip bathroom tiles. You can choose any design of your choice while also ensuring the safety of your family members. 

2. Choose The Right Finish 

Instead of going for random tile designs, it is important to consider the finish type for the bathroom floor and walls. The glossy and polished finish tiles can be slippery when wet and hence are not suitable for bathroom floors. You should instead go for the matt or textured finish when choosing bathroom floor tiles. 

On the other hand, you can go for glossy, high glossy, matt, or any finish of your choice for the bathroom walls. At Johnson, you can choose matching floor and wall tiles with different finishes. Most of their floor tiles are in matt finish while wall tiles have a glossy or polished finish. 

3. Look for The Right Size & Shape

Picking the right size is extremely important when selecting tiles for your bathroom. Bathroom tiles come in different shapes and sizes. The right size depends on the overall size of your bathroom and its existing decor. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can go for large-sized tiles as they fit such spaces very well. Large format bathroom tiles, such as Johnson’s POLO LIGHT GREY 60 x 120 cm glazed vitrified tiles[1], are perfect to give your bathroom a minimal yet sophisticated look.

Some designers even consider using large format tiles for smaller bathrooms as these tiles have fewer grout lines, creating an illusion of larger spaces. But do not go for too large sizes for a small bathroom as it may lead to a waste of tiles. Johnson’s 60×60 cm floor tiles from their Elite GVT collection[4] are suitable for almost any bathroom. These are highly suitable for bathroom floors. For bathroom walls, you can check out their 30×60 cm bathroom tiles collection.

Talking about different tile shapes, you can find bathroom tiles usually in two shapes: square and rectangular. Square tiles are mostly preferred for bathrooms as they are highly versatile and go well with every type of bath space. However, you can also consider rectangular bathroom tiles if you are looking for a unique bathroom interior or if you are planning to go for larger tile sizes as mentioned above.

4. Pick The Right Color

Another important factor that matters here is the color of the bathroom tiles you choose. Picking any random color without considering the overall theme and decor of your bathroom is not a good idea. The final decision is all up to you and your preferences. But by considering a few factors, you can ensure that you make your bathroom look its best. While lighter colors make your bathroom look relaxing and also more spacious than it actually is, darker colors can give it a more premium look.

If your bathroom is not very spacious, you should go for lighter colors as they reflect the natural light better and create a sense of a larger space. On the other hand, if space is not a concern, you can undoubtedly go for bolder colors if that is what you prefer. One of the best options to consider in dark-colored bathroom tiles is Johnson’s ARISTO DARK bathroom tile design in 30×60 cm for walls and 60x60cm or 30×30 cm for floor[3]

5. Choose a Design Wisely

Once you have decided on the color, the next step is to think of the design you want to go for. After all, design is the key to achieving the look of your dream bathroom. If you believe in minimalism, you can go for plain or marble-look glazed vitrified tiles. 

However, if you want to go beyond minimalism and give your bathroom a more designer look, you can consider trending bathroom tile designs, such as marble-look tiles, geometric patterns, wood-look tiles, abstract patterns, floral designs, stone-look tiles, and more. Just make sure that whichever design you choose goes well with the rest of your bathroom’s elements and decor. 

If you prefer a wooden bathroom backsplash, you can go for wood-look glazed vitrified tiles instead of real natural wood. Johnson’s ELITE PLANKS RT WOODEN TEXTURED TILES collection of 20 x120 cm bathroom tiles[4] is a great option to consider for the same. For geometric, abstract, and floral patterns, you can explore the complete bathroom tiles collection at H&R Johnson’s website. 

6. Consider Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

It is extremely important to consider ease of cleanliness and maintenance when choosing bathroom tiles. This may depend on various factors, including the tile material, finish, grout lines, and more. Tiles with a textured finish are usually harder to clean as they are prone to trapping dirt. Therefore, matt finish tiles become the best choice for bathroom floors. 

Tile material becomes a significant factor when talking about ease of maintenance of bathroom tiles. Glazed vitrified tiles are more durable and less water absorbent; hence, they require less maintenance than ceramic tiles and other materials. Apart from this, the size of tiles also indirectly impacts the ease of cleaning. Large-sized tiles mean fewer grout lines and hence easier cleaning.

To ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance of your bathroom, it is advised to choose bathroom tiles from a reputed brand. H&R Johnson’s glazed vitrified bathroom tiles, which are available in different sizes, finishes, and designs, are among the best options you can find in the tile market.

Concluding Thoughts

By putting some time into finalizing the right tiles for your bathroom, you can ensure that you make your bathroom look its best without compromising on the functionality. You can find plenty of bathroom tile brands offering the best designs in the market. However, it’s not just about the design. There are a lot of other things that matter. The bathroom tiles should be slip-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and must suit the overall decor of your bath space.

Considering all these factors, glazed vitrified tiles in a matt or textured finish seem to be the most suitable option. Even a textured finish has slight disadvantages as it can be difficult to clean. Therefore, it is advised to do some good research and choose your bathroom tiles wisely. Go for reputed brands like H&R Johnson that offer a wide range of designs in bathroom tiles while taking into account essential factors like slip-resistance, ease of cleaning, different sizes, and more. 

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