TIM’s TimRide Blockchain Taxi for Delighting Users and Saving the Environment

Drones haven’t been on the market for too long but it has been forecasted that the Drone market will be over $12 billion in sales by 2021. This market lacks the adequate structure needed to effectively stand out from the innovations and applications that are rapidly growing in this space. This is why the Blockchain Taxi platform is taking charge of this opportunity.

What is Blockchain Taxi?

Implementing new applications of drones has proven to be quite difficult due to the lack of rules and regulations, and incompetent protocols associated with automation and safety. But somehow, the drone market still finds a way to continue growing rapidly. It has been projected that the civilian and commercial drones market will rise at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of about 19% between 2015 and 2020.

Understanding the Blockchain Taxi platform is easy! It is a platform that is blockchain-based and is built to create a trust-less taxi trip and ensure the security of future air travelers. Using a combination of decades of flight data safeguarded on an encrypted blockchain ledger, the platform is creating a smart contract ecosystem where private companies and regulators can initiate safer air travel. Blockchain Taxi will utilize a combination of years of flight data to create a workable system that can be used by manufacturers of passenger drones to construct a safe AI flight technology.

The TimRide Blockchain Taxi

As the Blockchain Taxi platform has the potential of becoming the framework behind the construction of future automated drone superhighway systems, TIM is creating a server-free driver-rider matching system known as TimRide Blockchain Taxi. By doing this, TIM eliminates the need for middlemen like transportation network companies such as OLA, Grab, Lyft, and Uber.

The TimRide Blockchain Taxi gives users a more amazing user experience simply because their data does not necessarily have to be transported across continents just to be matched in a remote server. For example, using Uber in Singapore, user data travels to remote servers in continents like the United States and the European Union for authorization and matching with available cars that are nearby.

Blockchain Taxi is one of the leading blockchain applications that stands to revolutionize a number of other applications used for digital payments, logistics, e-commerce, and IOT. Unlike the traditional transportation network companies, there is no issue of network congestion with Blockchain Taxi, and users and drivers are offered better prices since there are no commissions meant to be paid to middlemen. For example, current app aggregators get between 30% and 40% commission on every ride.


The Blockchain Taxi platform came with a way to utilize the rapidly growing drones market to ensure a more enjoyable and safe passenger taxi air travels, and TIM is jumping on this to make it more innovative and exciting. Using the TimRide Blockchain Taxi platform, TIM is creating a more user-friendly experience to users by eliminating middlemen like Uber and offering better prices every time the platform is used.


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