Timothy Martinez DMD Brushes Over 5 Tips for Home Dental Care

Home Dental Care

Timothy Martinez DMD spreads smiles way beyond his chair.

For many, getting dental work done is far from enjoyable. But the San Diego-based dentist has spent most of his life trying to make it as effortless and painless as possible. And this doesn’t apply to only the people who walk into his office. He’s made it his mission to reach as many people as he can.

That’s why Timothy Martinez DMD has committed his career to education and administration. It started before graduating from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he stayed an additional year to earn a concentration in Health Care Administration. He has since specialized in advocacy for medically underserved populations. To achieve these ambitious goals, he’s served in multiple capacities. Most notably, Timothy Martinez DMD worked as a program director for the first, federally-qualified facility for Medicaid enrollees. He’s also held positions with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, working to institute legislation, revise regulations, and provide greater oversight at the governmental level.

With this in mind, Timothy Martinez DMD examines five ways individuals can improve their own dental health at home.

Brush properly

When, how, and the way you brush matters. Brush at least twice a day, especially before bed. This eliminates the germs and plaque that have accumulated throughout the day. Poor brushing is almost as bad as not doing it at all. Brush gently and in circular motions. And don’t skip the tongue. Plaque can accumulate here too.

Floss regularly

Few can deny the importance of brushing alone, yet flossing often gets overlooked. This is a must every day as well. And the benefits go beyond just removing food from your teeth. Flossing stimulates the gum, minimizes buildup, and lowers inflammation.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash brings balance to your mouth. In addition to hitting hard-to-reach areas, it reduces acidity and freshens bad breath. And this is just the beginning. Specific products achieve other goals, like strengthening sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist to make recommendations that are right for you.

Change diet

Dental issues often result from what you are putting in your mouth. Although ready-to-eat, processed foods are convenient, they can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Opt for fresh fruit and vegetables instead. Sugar is equally problematic. These are converted into acid, eroding the enamel over time. Limit your intake of acidic sodas, teas, juices, and coffees.

Drink more water

Water is never a wrong choice. But it’s especially helpful for your oral health. Drinking water after every meal cleanses your mouth. In between brushes, this can wash away some of the ill effects from acids or sugars you have already ingested.

Timothy Martinez DMD

While Timothy Martinez DMD works tirelessly to provide access to health care for all, he’s still a clinician at heart. He knows the value of quality dental care and its impact on overall health. Although he can’t physically treat everyone, he can use his experience to share some advice. There are steps everyone can take at home to protect their pearly whites.

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