TimeTicket Inc. Announces The Launch of TimeCoin’s Special Token Sale

TimeCoin's Special Token Sale

TimeCoin (TMCN) has continued in their pursuit of challenging the status in the world of digital currency by allowing more people to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. In a related development, the Special Token Sale of TimeCoin (TMCN) was recently launched, offering buyers a 93% discount on the token’s current market value.

What is The TimeTicket Project?

TimeTicket is a sharing economy service platform that is designed to bridge the gap between people who want to provide services by selling their own time and people who want to purchase them. The platform allows users to buy and sell personal time in 30-minute units and has become increasingly popular in recent times, with the total value of merchandise sold on the platform increasing by more than 30-fold within three years and a half.

Launch of TimeCoin Token

The token was initially launched on November 11th, 2020 on BitForex as an IEO at an initial price of $0.7. However, its value has continued to rise, reaching $11 before hitting a record high of $8,500 on February 18th, 2021, representing over 12,142 times the initial price.

The TimeCoinProtocol caught the attention of forward-thinking investors who funded it with around $4 million, with only a limited number of tokens placed on the market. The project is subsequently going public after achieving a remarkable level of success, with the Special Token Sale making the token available on the OTC market. The tokens will also be made available for trading on other crypto exchanges in the future. 

Prior to the launch of the sale, the project bought back most of the tokens available on the market to avoid an increase in the selling pressure. While no public or private sale of TimeCoin has been conducted, small quantities of tokens have been sold during the IEO.

Purpose of The Special Token Sale

The primary goal of the Special Token Sale is to raise funds for the development and enhancement of the project, especially the eSportStars dApp. The eSportStars dApp was launched in October 2020, with high hopes of its growth potentials. The project requires further development and the implementation of DeFi and NFT functionalities in the TimeCoinProtocol. Consequently, new funds will be channeled to support development and marketing costs. The sales will facilitate the implementation of DeFi functionality in the eSportStars and TimeTicket dApps, allowing fans to support creators such as eSport players, streamers, VTubers, and a host of others. Consequently, creators and fans can receive additional tokens, as well as in-game items, art and anime characters traded using NFT.

Timing of The Token Sales

The first special token sales commenced on February 15th, and will run until April 30th, 2021, with 5,000,000 TMCN tokens offered at a price of 0.00004 BTC, representing over 90% discount on the current market value. 

The second phase of the sales will be launched on May 1st, 2021 and will last until May 31st, 2021, with another 5,000,000 TMCNs at a price of 0.00009 BTC to complete the total 10 million TMCN tokens offered. The token sale is expected to generate about $10 million.

Interested investors can purchase TMCN using BTC, USDT, or ETH. 

For more information about how to purchase TMCN or to be a part of the revolutionary projects as championed by the innovative team at TimeTicket Inc., please visit – The TimeCoin Protocol is also available across social media, including Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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