Times Power Icon Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence Across the Globe

The Times Power Icon Awards 2024, held in the picturesque city of Dharamshala, the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh (India) celebrated the remarkable achievements of individuals and businesses from diverse fields. This year’s awards, hosted on March 2, 2024, saw many participants joining virtually from different countries, due the global nature of this award. Dharamshala, known for its breathtaking beauty nestled in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, provided a fitting backdrop for this prestigious event.

The Times Power Icon Awards, organized by Optimal Media Solutions, a division of Times Internet Ltd, in collaboration with i3rc Insights Pvt. Ltd., recognized leaders who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. The awards honor individuals and businesses that have overcome socio-economic and cultural barriers to achieve excellence, thereby contributing to the growth and development of society,countryand world economy at large.

Highlights of the Awards

The event featured esteemed politician Krishan Kapoor, a sitting Member of Parliament from the Kangra constituency, as the chief guest. The awards ceremony was not just a celebration of individual achievements but also a platform to address and raise awareness about critical social issues.

The selection process for the Times Power Icon Awards is exceptionally stringent, ensuring that only the top individuals and businesses in their fields are honored. The comprehensive and meticulous review process includes multiple steps to evaluate each nominee’s credentials, contributions, and overall impact. Here is an outline of the process:

  1. Nomination Submission and Initial Screening: Thousands of nominations are submitted and initially screened for completeness and authenticity.
  2. Profile Evaluation: Review of the nominee’s personal and professional history, including qualifications and recognitions.
  3. Assessment of Contributions: Evaluation of innovation, originality, and impact on industry and society.
  4. Feedback and Reputation Analysis: Analysis of social media presence and collection of feedback from customers, colleagues, and industry peers.
  5. Objective Data Analysis: Verification and quantitative objective analysis of all collected data based on scores that was provided by expert panelist
  6. Final Review and Selection: Final review by a panel of experts and selection of the top 33 awardees.

List of Awardees

  1. Charanjeev Malhotra: Recognized for his humanitarian efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, performing last rites for unclaimed bodies and providing daily meals for thousands.
  2. Prem Ojha: Awarded for his leadership in the telecom sector, with significant contributions to Internet services and market leadership.
  3. Dr. Vinod K Verma: Honored for his extensive career in corporate affairs and regulatory leadership at Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group.
  4. Krishna Rajagopal: Celebrated for his expertise in cybersecurity and digital forensics, assisting global police forces and prosecuting cybercriminals.
  5. Kushal Seth: Acknowledged for his pioneering work in sustainability, including lithium extraction and carbon capture technologies.
  6. Md. NoordeenAlaudeen: Recognized for his contributions to data science and advancing GenAI.
  7. Mohan Rao Goli: Honored for his leadership at Samsung Research Institute, driving innovation in advanced telecommunication and AI.
  8. Pandit Balmeek Shastri: Celebrated for his lifelong dedication to astrology and helping individuals navigate various life situations.
  9. Professor Aparna Uma Raman: Recognized for her scholarly contributions and teaching excellence in mathematics education.
  10. Bidyut Sarkar and Rudrendu Kumar Paul: Awarded for their impactful work in applied AI across manufacturing and life sciences.
  11. Alok Shankar: Honored for his leadership in healthcare AI and cloud computing at Oracle.
  12. Aryyama Kumar Jana and Srija Saha: Recognized for their contributions to software engineering and cybersecurity.
  13. Muthukumaran Vaithianathan: Celebrated for his innovative contributions to silicon engineering and chip design.
  14. Priyanka Nawalramka: Honored for her expertise in software security and data analytics.
  15. SakthiswaranRangaraju: Recognized for integrating AI in cybersecurity and enhancing product security.
  16. Sivakumar Ponnusamy: Acknowledged for his work in modernizing data platforms for the banking and financial sectors.
  17. Susanta Mohapatra: Honored for his leadership in green chemistry and sustainable product development.
  18. Swakeert: Celebrated for his innovations in AI and continuous CVD-risk monitoring.
  19. Vaibhav Sharma: Recognized for his commitment to sustainable fashion and environmental conservation.
  20. Vivek Singh: Honored for transforming Arni University into a leading educational institution in Northern India.
  21. NicheHR:  Awarded for its service in placing top tier professions across 30 countries in 17 different sectors in just 24 months service those large organization in crisis.
  22. Yashpal Jain: Awarded for his extensive experience and contributions to global operations and corporate governance.
  23. Yazad Anklesaria: Celebrated for his leadership in engineering management at Saregama India Ltd.
  24. Sahana Athreya: Recognized for her pioneering work in AI and finance, earning accolades such as Forbes 30 Under 30.
  25. Manu Gupta: Honored for his contributions to digital transformation and social impact in North America.
  26. Silveline electric: Recognized for its commitment and results in driving carbon-free ecofriendly transportation solution with innovation and efficiency in operations.
  27. Aarti Singh: Celebrated for her holistic approach to healthcare through ventures like Calorie Kitchen and Matritva Care.
  28. Deepak Singh: Awarded for his innovative work in product development of telecommunication and AI-driven telehealth solutions.
  29. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan: Recognized for his excellence in supply chain management and capability center innovation.
  30. Ashima Chawla and Anurag Kalra: Honored for their leadership in event management through Eventerio.
  31. Kishan Kapoor: Celebrated for his political leadership and contributions to public service.
  32. Hyatt Regency: Recognized for providing luxurious hospitality and exceptional guest experiences in the scenic Dharamshala.
  33. Professor Mathew Yip: Honored for his contribution in the field of mathematics from Olympiad, math dictionary to his paper that is read across 45 countries.

Coveted and Prestigious Recognition

The Times Power Icon Awards are highly coveted in the industry, with professionals ranging from software engineers and designers to product managers, research scientists to business leaders and social reformers and educators aspiring to be nominated. The value these awards bring to the recipients’ careers is immense, often serving as a benchmark of excellence and a testament to their significant contributions to their fields.This recognition is not just for one-off achievements but for the lifelong work and commitment that the awardees have been striving and executing following meticulously towards their mission.

The awards ceremony not only highlights the exceptional achievements of top individuals and businesses but also inspires future generations to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to society. The 2024 edition has set a high standard for recognizing and celebrating talent, innovation, and dedication across various sectors.

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