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Timeless Treasures: Galeria Contici’s Unrivaled Collection of Pre-Columbian Artifacts

American culture was developed and mysterious when it had no contact with the European world. That is why objects created during this period can be called unique. They help to understand the peculiarities of life and the mentality of people who lived in those days. These unique items have primarily historical value. At Galeria Contici, you can get in touch with history.

Brief Description of Pre-Columbian Art

The term “pre-Columbian art” refers to the architecture, art, and crafts of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean islands (c. 13,000 BC–1500 AD) before Christopher Columbus arrived in America. Sometimes, you can see Mesoamerica instead of Central America, describing a cultural region in the Americas that extends roughly from central Mexico to Belize. The area also includes Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica.

Pre-Columbian art flourished throughout the Americas since at least 13,000 BC. Before the European conquests, it sometimes continued for some time after that. Many pre-Columbian cultures did not have writing systems, so visual art expressed those cultures’ cosmology, worldview, religion, and philosophy and served as mnemonic devices. These cultures produced a wide range of visual arts, including painting on textiles, hides, rock and cave surfaces, bodies, especially faces, pottery, architectural details, including interior frescoes, wood paneling, and other available surfaces.

Collection Features

The gallery has assembled an impressive collection of artifacts and works of art created by the inhabitants of North, Central, and South America long before the arrival of European colonists. The civilizations of this region reached heights in representing the flora, fauna, and deities through art in the 1st millennium BCE. The Olmecs references to whom can be found in Aztec historical chronicles, created their works from jade and baked clay. Exhibits related to the Aztec civilization are mainly stone sculptures. A collection of artifacts found in the Caribbean region provides insight into the religious worldview of the local people.

This pre-Columbian art for sale allows you to explore history and obtain authentic treasures. All the pieces are legally purchased and have the necessary certificates, meaning you get a pre-Columbian item. In a time when large amounts of archaeological property are smuggled, it is very important to ensure that the artifact was obtained legally. Gallery specialists guarantee that no problems with documentation will arise.


At Galeria Contici, you will find pre-Columbian artifacts for sale. These items will interest both novice and experienced collectors. The collection has been collected over many years and includes artifacts from different peoples and eras. The gallery’s experienced specialists carefully examine each item and ensure authenticity. You can be sure that each item in the collection truly belongs to the designated period of pre-Columbian America.


The Pre-Columbian era is a unique period in the development of civilization. Numerous interior items, images, utensils, and various decorations have survived to this day. You can also get a piece of this unique culture by purchasing an item at Galeria Contici. Experts guarantee the authenticity and uniqueness of each artifact.

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