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TikTok Released New Updates to Help Creators

TikTok has released new updates to help creators.

Takeaway Points

  • TikTok Released New Updates to Help Creators
  • TikTok said it aims to bring more understanding and transparency about the community rules and how to enforce them for everyone on the platform.
  • The update will start next month.

 New Updates to Help Creators

The social media platform TikTok announced on Wednesday that it’s updating the community guidelines to clarify their rules and to help creators learn TikTok policies and check their account status.

TikTok said it aims to bring more understanding and transparency about the community rules and how to enforce them for everyone on the platform, and that the update is starting next month.

Adam Presser, Head of Operations & Trust and Safety at TikTok, said they have added more clarity about the policies.

“In this latest iteration, we have added and updated definitions to provide more clarity about our policies, for example, on hate speech and health misinformation. We’ve also included more detail about how we moderate TikTok features, such as Search, LIVE, and the For You feed,” Adam said. 

He added, “We’re also updating our For You eligibility standards, which help create a safer For You feed experience that’s suitable for a broad audience on TikTok. We’re introducing a policy to make an entire account temporarily ineligible for recommendation in the For You feed if a creator repeatedly posts content that goes against our For You feed standards. Their account and content will be harder to find in search. We will notify creators when their account has been restricted in this way, and they will be able to appeal.”

The Policies 

According to the report, the social media platform has introduced a warning strike when a creator violates the Community Guidelines for the first time. The warning strike does not count toward an account’s strike tally, but any future violations will. TikTok will notify creators about which rule they’ve broken and how they can appeal if they believe a mistake has been made. Zero-tolerance policies (for example, incitement to violence) aren’t eligible for these reminders; accounts will immediately be banned.

Tiktok will also introduce Account Check, a new feature that will help creators to check their account status. The feature will allow creators to quickly audit their account and their last 30 posts to see if they are in good standing on TikTok. Account Check will also include information about whether access to certain features, like comments or direct messaging, has been restricted due to violations. Creators will also be able to see whether their content has been removed for breaking our rules or has been restricted from reaching the For You feed.

Youth safety and well-being

In the United States, there is a separate under-13 TikTok experience that offers additional safeguards, including restricting interactive features, content suitability assessments from Common Sense Networks, and a dedicated privacy policy. If you create a new account in the United States with a birthdate that shows you are under the age of 13, you will automatically enter into this experience. 

TikTok said that if someone is under 13 and has an account on TikTok, they will ban that account. If you believe you were incorrectly banned, you can appeal the decision. Anyone can report accounts that they suspect are under the minimum age, either in-app or online. 

TikTok’s latest updates signal a significant commitment to empowering creators and enhancing their experience on the platform. With a focus on providing innovative tools and features, TikTok aims to catalyze creativity, foster community engagement, and support the growth of aspiring content creators. 

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