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Tiffany Molina Aka Vibes Is The New Face Of American-Hispanic Music

In today’s day and age, music has earned a place as an integral part of life, especially with its advent as an easily available form of entertainment on the go. Although this necessity for music has allowed several artists to share a singular platform, it has also done away with many variations in individual styles. But one artist Tiffany Molina who goes by the name Vibes is here to make a change. 

Music was an integral part of Vibes’s early life. Vibes was born in Chihuahua, Mexico but spent several major portions of her life in the United States of America. As one can expect, there is quite a bit of culture shock that Vibes had to bridge in order to fit in both circumstances. In doing so, music was a big help and Vibes spent a majority of her days dabbling in it on her own in some way or the other. 

As the days progressed, Vibes took inspiration from her grandfather, who had formed his own band with his brothers. Indeed, Vibes comes from a decently musical background and could have launched as a professional in the industry a long time back. However, what held her back was the desire to do something different, which could be turned into her USP. Vibes found this in combining both English and Spanish languages in her music.

Vibes was able to achieve this dream and bring her desires into reality when she met hip-hop artist Thottie Jay. Thottie Jay and Vibes were friends for a long time before the former introduced the latter to the wondrous world of hip hop. Hip hop has been one of the fastest growing genres of music, with several legends such as Tupac and MC Hammer to speak for it. In such a versatile and customizable genre, Vibes was quick to find success and was able to get the effect she had always wished to introduce in her music. 

Vibes’s main motivation behind making this style her own was to stand as an inspiration to other artists who wanted to do something different and possibly, make the world a better place through their music. In particular, she speaks to other Hispanic artists as the industry is much less developed and receives a lot less fanfare than the English music industry. 

Although Vibes has come a long way and found success in her own way, she considers it to be just the start of a flourishing and influential career. If you want to support Vibes in this journey to the top, make sure to follow her on her social media profiles today!

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