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Tidal Connect Summit, Vietnam, Celebrates Monumental Success on Phu Quoc Island

Tidal Connect Summit, Vietnam, hosted on the picturesque Phu Quoc Island, has culminated in a landmark event for the GameFi industry, highlighting an innovative future filled with collaborative achievements. The summit captivated a worldwide audience, establishing a new precedent for global engagement and technological progress.

With discussions ranging from blockchain integration to decentralized finance in gaming, the event showcased the transformative potential of GameFi. Amidst the picturesque backdrop of Phu Quoc Island, the summit’s success marked a significant milestone in the journey towards a more interconnected and innovative future. As participants departed, they left behind a legacy of collaboration and inspiration that will shape the landscape of GameFi for years to come.

Key Highlights:

Extensive International Participation: The summit welcomed close to 300 in-person attendees from Vietnam, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, with an impressive 3,000 viewers online. This diverse participation underscored the Tidal Connect Summit, Vietnam, as a key event for the global GameFi community, showcasing the universal appeal and influence of Tidal Game Guild and Phantom Arena.

Strategic Industry Collaborations: The partnership announced between Phantom Arena and GALA Games at the summit represents a significant stride towards deeper industry cooperation. It connects Phantom Arena with GALA’s active community of 1.3 million users, marking a substantial achievement and demonstrating the combined potential and vitality of both entities within the GameFi ecosystem.

Innovations in Technology and Ecosystem: The launch of the INTO node on Gala Chain emerged as a technological highlight at the summit. It introduces an innovative solution by recording all transactions and utilizing TOX as the gas fee. This system rewards node owners for their support and contribution, advancing the fusion of blockchain technology with gaming functionalities and reinforcing the collaborative relationship between Phantom Arena and GALA Games.

Arena Xpand Program Initiative: Aimed at fostering ecosystem diversity and growth, the Arena Xpand Program seeks to integrate potential projects into Phantom Arena’s dynamic ecosystem. This initiative reflects Tidal Game Guild’s ongoing commitment to innovation and growth within the GameFi sector.

Visionary Leadership: The summit’s triumph is largely attributed to the strategic foresight and organizational prowess of TGG Global CEO, Mr. Alvin Poh, and Head of TGG VN, Mr. Louis Vu. Their leadership and dedication were paramount in delivering this significant industry milestone.

Future Prospects:

The Tidal Connect Summit held in Vietnam served as a pivotal moment, highlighting the pioneering efforts of Tidal Game Guild and Phantom Arena within the GameFi landscape. Not only did the event reinforce their leading roles, but it also provided a visionary outlook on the sector’s future trajectory. Attendees gained valuable insights into forthcoming groundbreaking collaborations, technological advancements, and ecosystem developments. These discussions hinted at an exciting journey ahead, where gaming and finance converge to create innovative experiences and opportunities for enthusiasts worldwide.

About Tidal Game Guild (TGG):

Tidal Game Guild (TGG) serves as a worldwide network dedicated to uniting gaming communities and developers globally. It prioritizes nurturing connections and advancing the gaming sector by bringing together talented individuals and enthusiastic gamers from diverse backgrounds across the planet.

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