Throttle and Pedal Assist: Electric Bikes Mode

Electric bikes are a convenient means of transportation employed at this age. It is portable and easy to commute in daily activities. Wholesale electric bikes involve the distribution of various types of e-bikes that suit different needs. However, the two major types you will find in many stores are either throttle or pedal assist. Hence, e-bikes can either have a throttle or a pedal. This variety of options allows users to power their electric bikes using the pedal-assist mode. 

If you are new to e-bike operations, you are probably curious about what throttle and pedal-assist e-bikes are. The pedaled electric bike gives riders extra push or power when riding. The throttle e-bike gives an extra push even when a rider is not pedaling. This is particularly good for inexperienced riders. Meanwhile, Haidong Ebike manufactures both types of electric bikes, giving customers a wide option to choose from. Read on to discover more information.

What is a Pedal-Assist Ebike?

Most electric bikes are the pedal-assist type, and this is because it is suitable for most terrains. A pedal-assist e-bike is when the motor activates and pushes a rider forward, especially uphill. Riders can also control the extra power from the pedal using the button on the handlebar. Many manufacturers recommend that first users ride at a slower pace before increasing the additional support generated from the handlebar. An e-bike motor will supply extra power as high as 350w. You can operate from nothing to this increased power range. Professional riders set the pedal as high as 350w, while regular cyclists are good to go with 250w.

How Pedal-Assist E-bike Works

The range and power of a pedal-assist e-bike are inversely proportional to each other. The higher the power, the lower the e-bike range. How you set your w-bike power will determine the distance you can cover. Most pedal bikes can run up to forty miles before the battery runs down. However, wholesale electric bikes involve e-bikes with dual batteries. This will allow you to keep riding with little or no worry of running out of batteries.

Most pedal-assist e-bikes have high, medium, and low settings. This means the level of assistance you get from your e-bike is within these three settings. However, some manufacturers produce specific e-bikes with up to five stages. Also, You can either use a pedal assist with a torque sensor or speed sensor, or a combination of both. The torque sensor is usually located inside the motor or at the bottom bracket of the bike. A speed sensor can examine the speed you are riding to determine how much power you generate from the motor. However, motor power is usually higher when uphill than pedaling downhill.

What is a Throttle E-bike?

Throttle e-bikes have a button similar to that of a car gas pedal. The button seems simple, but it is strong enough to put on the bike motor. Your e-bike will accelerate at the preferred speed as soon as you press the button. Once you press the button, you ride at the bike’s acceleration without any support from your end. However, some legal rules do not permit the use of throttle e-bikes. This is because it is most appropriate for a professional rider. Other countries allow throttle e-bikes, but users can only ride them on specific lanes.

A throttle e-bike allows you to climb uphill from a stop without pedaling. You can catch a quick break with a throttle and pick it off without much delay. This is particularly good for riders in a competition because it helps them keep up with the others. It also allows you to fully control your e-bike since you can decide to use the throttle feature or not. Not every electric bike has a throttle, as you will need to specify your interest to your wholesaler.

How a Throttle E-bike Works

Once you twist the handlebar of the e-bike, it will accelerate on its own. It will not stop until you let go of the handlebar. The acceleration level also depends on the level you set it to. Manufacturers build a volume dial feature that allows you to set your bike throttle. It is vital to choose from reputable manufacturers like Haidong Ebike because it influences your bike performance. If the brand builds e-bikes on updated features, you are guaranteed to enjoy its services at the maximum.


Fortunately, you can buy an electric bike with both throttle and pedal features. You can set your e-bike to pedal-assist mode while receiving a boost from the throttle. However, you cannot use both throttle and pedal-mode simultaneously, but you can easily switch between the two. If you are the type that loves to explore your choices, having a dual e-bike may be the best option. Hopefully, you can decide on the most suitable e-bike for you, with the information above. You can speak to a bike consultant or do a test run if you are unconvinced to make the right decision.

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