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Thriving with Ryan making waves in the fitness industry with unconventional methods

Ryan Read is the Founder/Owner of Thrive Specialized Training. As well as Ryan Read Fitness products. Thrive has over 1400 clients online, and has a reach that extends to over 27 countries. Ryan is the creator of the Ryan Read Form Mat.

A fitness product that helps with feet placement with certain exercises. He also has a podcast called Whoa it’s Ryan, in which he covers topics outside of the gym. On top of that, he has developed a type of coaching called Personal Development Coaching, a type of mentoring, in which he helps people in and outside of the gym. All info can be found on his website, or on his social media platforms on IG/TT (ryanreadthrive) which he has a combined following of 1.4 million followers.

success – 1400 women in program, creator of The Ryan Read Form Mat, allowing women to perfect their form without a trainer, a pioneer in Introducing mental health as a part of the program (daily mental health assignments, mental health zooms w/ a mental health coach).

-Forbes….Not focusing on money, is the way you make money thru fitness. Put helping others as your only goal, and the money will roll in

– Made a name by exploding on tik tok in 2021….grew 1 million followers in 5 months. thru debunking fitness myths, correcting form, and being an advocate for women’s fitness

I overcame not having a background in fitness. I’ve never competed, i’m not a bodybuilder. | also had to overcome trying to he canceled in 2021 thru false allegations and trying to stand out in a very diluted market.

-proof – 1.2M followers on Tik tok, 184k on IG and verified. i have 1400 women in my program, i make 7 figures a year (6 figures per month) , i was able to retire from in person training because my online did so well.

-i have unique advice when it comes to counting calories (i don’t think you should) , unique advice with cardio, (i think you should), i focus heavily on form, (99% of trainers don’t know form and don’t teach it correctly) , i take mental health very seriously and put it as apart of my online training, and i’m very responsive. that’s a huge one, i respond and communicate to not only my Thrivers but anyone who needs help , most influencers do not.

-my biggest purpose/passion to simply make others lives better thru whatever way | can. my purpose into help others become better

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