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Three password manager features that will make your life easier

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There’s no denying that people spend a lot of time on their computers. And it doubled with the emergence of smartphones. According to research by emarketer

“in 2020, US adults spent 7 hours, 50 minutes (7:50) per day consuming digital media*, up 15.0% from 6:49 in 2019, the biggest increase since 2012. It’s also considerably higher than our Q1 2020 projection (7:31).”

And that’s an hour more than they sleep, which is 6.8 hours on average. One thing that’s extremely important to computer and smartphone designers is that their service would be comfortable to use. Web browsers are competing with each other, and media players, websites and even operating systems.

And one absolutely crucial thing is security. There’s no comfort in using the service, which you know is not safe. We’re so used to shopping online and posting personal information on social networks that the feeling of safety became paramount, and cybersecurity with it.

Luckily, software developers were quick to react, and the first AntiVirus called VirusScan was released in 1987 by a highly controversial figure John McAfee. But probably more important was the release of Windows 95 that brought the operating system to vast audiences. With each operating system update, software improved also, and right now, we can enjoy decades of development experience that brings us the Internet.

Cybersecurity companies stuck around and emerged as a major player in IT over the last several years. Cybercriminals are continuously looking for an easy grab, an unprotected network they can exploit and steal your data. So people started using VPNs. And when cybercriminals improved password hacking techniques, software developers came up with password managers.

Password managers are getting more and more popular, and we’d like to overview their three features that will make your browsing experience way more comfortable. As an example, we’ll be using NordPass; a 2019 released service from the NordSecurity cybersecurity company, the people behind the renowned NordVPN service. So let’s dive in.

1) You don’t need to remember passwords anymore.

Without a doubt, the most comfortable feature NordPass, and other password managers in general, provides is its encrypted vault. Back in the days, you either had to write down your password on a sheet of paper, or you had to remember it by heart. Usually, it was both.

Over time the number of services increased, and so did the number of passwords. With a password manager, you can store as many different passwords as you need in a safe and encrypted vault. Furthermore, you can create passwords of up to 60 symbols long, including numbers, lower and upper case letters to make sure your password is as strong as it gets.

2) Autofill. No more typing by hand.

When we’re using the Internet, we expect it to work smoothly. Remember the not-so-good old days of DSL modems that used telephone lines for Internet connections? So it was either phone, or you’re online. And the speeds frequently left wanting more, with a single image loading for twenty seconds. We hate when things are slow online.

And inputting your passwords every time by hand makes things slow. Especially if you want to use a long and strong password, it will take longer to type. Password managers offer function – they will retrieve the required password from your vault and autofill it where the password goes. You will only have to click enter, and once you’re browsing this way, you will never want to go back.

3) Username and password generators.

When you use such services as steam,, Amazon, and all others that offer financial transactions, you want to be absolutely sure they have the strongest password. And you will never reuse it because if one service gets hacked, a cybercriminal may attack another service with the same password, and you can lose both.

So you decide to use a long 60 symbol password with all the required details. But coming up with twenty different passwords of such length doesn’t sound too comfortable. That’s why you can use a password generator. You will be able to select the length, what symbols to use, and you can even use a username generator if you can’t come up with an idea for your fifth Reddit account.

These three features will not only make you much safer online, but they will also make your browsing experience much more comfortable. Most password managers offer some free trial or free services, so try them out, and you’ll notice the difference yourself.

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