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Three mistakes in the web design of an online store that can scare away customers

The success of an online store always depends on many factors. For example, a poor website design can scare off many potential clients, even on the first page.

To avoid mistakes when designing a website, the future owner of an online store should seek help from specialists from a bigcommerce web design company or any other web design studio. It will also be useful to learn in advance about the three most popular mistakes in the design of online store sites in order to promptly reject unsuccessful proposals from web designers.

Design that distracts from the content

As a rule, the main goal of a user who lands on one of the pages of any online store is to view a product and possibly purchase it. Unfortunately, a website design that is too bright and overloaded can distract users and even prevent them from placing an order. After all, it often slows down page loading, and a potential client may well leave the site without waiting for the page to open.

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Among the design elements that distract potential buyers, the most are the following:

  • Visual noise that distracts a person’s attention from the purchase and slows down his interaction with the site;
  • An unusual font that is often too difficult to read and may make it difficult for some people to recognize the information written in it;
  • Low contrast. Using colors with low contrast between text and background causes all the details to blur together and can quickly go unnoticed;
  • Too many pop-ups distract the user’s attention from the main content, irritate them, and may prevent them from making a purchase;
  • Animation distracts potential customers and slows down the site.
  • Imperfect UX design

In general, the main goal of UX design is to simplify the user’s interaction with the site, making the process easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, very often, web designers overdo it, which reduces the number of potential buyers of the future online store. What irritates users the most are:

  • A confusing navigation system (confusing menus, complex site structure, and strange inscriptions), due to which users often cannot find the product they need;
  • Lack of a well-functioning mobile version;
  • Strange search filters or their complete absence;
  • No search bar;
  • Hiding essential navigation elements.

Poor quality content

Even the perfect design will only help your online store if its content is of good quality. The visual content of any decent store should be attractive, of high quality, and made in the same style. Most often, the impression of it is spoiled by the following points:

  • Watermarks in photographs that are too voluminous and cover essential elements of the product;
  • Poor quality product images: unclear and poorly displaying all the details;
  • Lack of pictures, due to which buyers cannot familiarize themselves with the appearance of the goods;
  • Limited or poorly presented product information.

Having familiarized himself with all these errors, the entrepreneur will definitely not allow them to be implemented on the website of his future online store. If any of these errors are already present there, he can easily get rid of them, and his store will only prosper in the future.

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